Stress Relieving Tactic for Certified Public Accountants Candidates

The result of passing the CPA exam is rewarding since everyone will recognize your hard work and your wage will increase in the long run. However, the studying time for the CPA exam is definitely not fun and very stressful for most people, especially if you have a full-time position that demands 50 to 60 hours of your time in the office. Many people experienced situations that they were stressed out or even burned out during their study time for the CPA exam due to various reasons. Even though we have limited influence on the actions happen round us, we can manage our reactions toward the negative events that is happening to us. A better way to handle the stress related to the CPA exam is to understand the cause of the stress and find a proper channel to alleviate the stress.

First of all, I would do a self evaluation and find out what my stressors is during the studying time. I would identify what activity or events made me feel stress out other than the CPA exam itself. For example, as a payroll clerk, I have a Wednesday deadline every week that I have to meet. If I do not meet the deadline, I would probably lose my job. This deadline causes me to be stressed out every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This affected my study schedule a lot since I cannot concentrate my energy on studying on those days. After I identify this Wednesday deadline as my stressor, I would find a proper channel to combat the stress.

The key to triumph stress is to take control of your psychological and emotional responses to your stressor by keeping a list of your favorite activities and do those activities as you experienced stress. According to Singapore outsource accounting service, finding a way to have a moment and clear all thoughts is essential to alleviate stress. In another word, you should keep your mind focus on your favorite activity instead of your stressor. For example, taking a hot bubble bath is one of my favorite stress relieving activities. I would treat myself right on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday by taking a hot bubble bath with candles and a music player. I would play soothing music as I take the bubble bath. A hot bubble bath can help relax my body and reduce the muscle tension from work. When I take the bubble bath, it gives me time to take out the stress related to my job. In this way, both my body and my mind are refreshed after the bath. This method helps me refocus my mind on the CPA exam and forget about work for that moment. Also, I would keep a little journal about the steps I took against the stress. In this way, I mark down the result of how well that stress relieving activities alleviate stress for me. So, I can try something else to relieve the stress.

Overall, understanding the cause of the stress and finding a proper channel to alleviate the stress help people utilize a more systematic approach toward managing stress during the CPA exam time.


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