Top 10 Prince Songs

Prince is an absolute musical genius. There are no other words to describe the amazing musical mind and talent that this man possesses. There are hundreds of amazing songs by Prince that I’ve listened on Gudang lagu, so choosing only 10 favorites was a very difficult process for me. I thought about the songs that were the most popular and also which ones may not be as popular but are still just as wonderful. When I couldn’t make a final decision, I polled radio personalities and friends.

Here is my final list!

  • Batdance

This song is found on the soundtrack to the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton starring as the caped crusader. Prince composed all of the music for this movie. It is not one that you will hear on the radio anymore, and to be honest I don’t remember hearing it on the radio very often even when it was out. However, this song is so much fun. A wonderful mix of Prince’s musical talent. He has such a way with incorporating his music with the lines from the movie, it really is phenomenal. Not to mention how many cheer and pom squads have had routines to this very song. They didn’t even have to mix it in with other music, it was perfect just as it is!

  • Sexy M.F. –

I have never heard this song on the radio, however, this has to be one of my favorite Prince songs. Every time I hear it I can not help but start moving and dancing along. I don’t get to listen to this song as much because I have young children with me at all times, however, it still hangs in my mind as one of the best. Just listening to the song makes you feel like you are the one he is singing about!

  • Darling Nikki –

This is definitely one of his more controversial songs. Actually it was not originally going to make my top 10 list. However, when I polled friends and radio personalities many of them brought up this song. So I had to include it. From the movie Purple Rain, and yet another example of Prince’s musical genius Darling Nikki is one of his sexiest and controversial songs. Even political faces have spoken negatively of this song. Controversial, amazing, and on my list!

  • Purple Rain –

The title song from the movie, and a beautiful song. Plus you this is the first song on my list that you will actually be able to hear on the radio from time to time!

  • Let’s Go Crazy –

OK, who doesn’t like to get a little crazy every now and then? I know I do! What better song to listen to when you are in the mood to act a bit crazy than this? There isn’t one!!!

  • Little Red Corvette –

I have never been a huge fan of Corvette’s myself, but I think there is more to this song than just the car in the title!

  • Raspberry Beret –

When it comes to Prince music, there aren’t many more songs I would choose than this one. As soon as I hear it I immediately begin singing along. I still want a raspberry beret to this day!

  • When Doves Cry –

The steady beat, the perfect build, the powerful lyrics it doesn’t get too much closer to perfection than this.

  • Kiss

This song beat When Doves Cry for the number 2 spot for one reason and one reason only, it is more fun. They are both perfect but for different reasons and since I am more inclined to be looking to Prince music when I am in a fun-loving mood, I choose Kiss as my #2 song. I don’t know anyone who does not sing along to this song and knows every word. Yes, I am that person you see driving down the road singing this at the top of her lungs!

  • 1999

Dearly Beloved, I have gathered this list to tell you that the prince is not only a musical genius but a marketing genius as well. The song 1999 was originally released in 1983. It was a huge success in 1983, and through the years after that as well. However, then 16 years later it was actually 1999. Surely prince knew what he was doing when he first released this song. It was pure genius and even though 1999 has passed, we all know what it means to ‘party like it’s 1999’

A musical genius, marketing genius … I could go on for hours about the millions of reasons why Prince is such an amazing artist. However, I will leave you with his music, it all speaks for itself.


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