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    Top 5 Places to Visit in France

    Do you need a list of reasons to visit Paris? The city of light is on everyone’s list when traveling to Europe. While the tourist attractions can’t be missed, spend more time off the beaten path. Eat in cafes and restaurants that aren’t in your guidebook, buy crepes from street vendors, buy paintings from sidewalk artists. The greatest joy to be had in Paris has nothing to do with what you can see and everything to do with what you can feel. The joy of Paris is the joy of being in it. This medieval city in the south of France was home to the great artist Paul Cezanne. You…

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    Take the “L” to Midway Airport from Jefferson Park

    Do you live on the North Side, but prefer to fly out of Midway to avoid the craziness of O’hare? Palma airport to Santa Ponsa is there to help you with that. Many people have no idea how easy it is to take public transportation to Midway. I have friends who pay an arm and a leg to take a cab, but the L gets you there and there are elevators if you have a difficult time with your bags because you are a senior or have a disability. Also, priority seating is mandatory for Public transportation. I live near Jefferson Park Station which is situated in the best neighborhood…

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    Singapore Nightlife

    While Singapore may be small geographically, it sure is an economic and cultural giant. Considered to be one of Asia’s hubs of business and commerce, it is also a melting pot of a diverse set of cultures. Whether you are in town to dabble into Singapore’s moneymaking scene or simply a tourist with insatiable wanderlust, you must make sure to experience nightlife in Singapore. Missing it would be like seeing only half of this exciting city! Singapore transforms itself into a party and nightlife Mecca after business hours. One could easily infer from this that locals work hard and party harder! The bars, pubs, and nightclubs that are scattered all…


    NEW ZEALAND – All about the beautiful country!

    New Zealand is one of the most beautiful exotic countries. Its astonishing sceneries, with volcanoes, lakes, large forests and wildlife, attract each year waves of visitors. Not only tourists seem fond of New Zealand. The producers for Lord of the Rings picked New Zealand as Middle Earth. Furthermore, the country’s Maori population has inhibited the islands since 1200 AD. Their traditions, lifestyle and beliefs have survived for centuries. New Zealand earned the rank of the freest country in the world and you can clearly see that among the locals. They are non-judgmental and lack hierarchies. While the preservation of culture and community events are important, what one does as an…


    AUSTRALIA – Land of Kangaroos

    Australia is more than kangaroos, koalas, desert and hot weather. It’s one of the most civilized countries, ranging even higher than the US in terms of individual and financial freedom. Plan a trip to Australia if you’re interested in Aborigine cultures, the country has one of the oldest ones. Relatively isolated from the other countries, Australia has its own distinctive culture, different from the British or the other Anglo-Saxon ones. Many great sportsmen were Aussies. However, most of the foreigners know Australia for its convicts since Britain used the territory to send off his felons. Due to the wildlife in the area (and the adventures of Steve Irwin), people’s perception…