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Jennifer Marnell’s 180 Pound Weight Loss

Jennifer Marnell, who is now a fitness instructor, once weighted 300 pounds. To look at her today you would never guess that she was anything but a slim and trim beauty. However since she did not always used to be this way, she can share her story with millions and by doing so inspires us all to lose the weight and keep it off. Jennifer Marnell simply cut out all soda and fried foods, lost a whopping 180 pounds and became an inspiration to many of us struggling with our weight.

Jennifer Marnell used to eat at fast food restaurant, like so many of us do but when she stopping eating there she lost the excess weight and has been able to keep it off for a long time now. Like Jennifer Marnell, I too have lost a lot of weight, but I only lost 105 pounds, which is a sizeable feat, but my accomplishment is smaller then hers is.

I also lost my weight by eating better and by eating less, as I had to stretch my own grocery bills further because I was no longer eating at home. By living on my own, this meant money needed to be budgeted, to go on the bills and thus I had to eliminate fast foods, which was a smart move for me. Where as Jennifer Marnell’s was a personal choice mine was a cost cutting measure at first, but when I realized I was feeling so much better after the weight came off I stuck to eating healthier even when I could afford fast food.

Where Jennifer Marnell became a fitness instructor, I simply was able to empathize with people trying to lose weight. I was able to tell them how I lost the weight naturally and how I kept it off for years, I knew their struggles with getting up and trying to do exercise because I had been there myself. I even tried some supplements like resurge to compliment my diet and workout. Good thing they were able to help me out and the results are really amazing. This product is highly recommended and I will certainly try them again.

I know how hard it was to walk far when you are 100 pounds over weight, and jogging is so far out of the question it is unreal. I talked about how I walked around the block nightly for a month until I could do it without being out of breath. The next month I walked a mile a night, until I was easily walking the two miles to work before and after work without being out of breath either way. I know I inspired some people to lose weight, and at my high school reunion, I got a prize for being the most changed.

As long as I drank fruit juices and remained away from the soda, I was able to keep that weight from coming back. If I left alone the potato chips and fast food burgers laden with grease, alone I was good. I ate plenty of green salads with fat free dressings, and fresh fruit was always present at every mean along with plenty of water or plain tea.

I have gained some of my 105-pound loss back, but I lost that twenty-two years ago, before my children were born, and long before a failed marriage. I have noticed over the years that when I eat fast food, or over eat in general the over weight problem threatens to rear its ugly head, but I can hold it back because like Jennifer Marnell, I have been there. I do not ever want to be morbidly obese again, because I love life to much and how can you enjoy life if you are too fat to do anything but sit and get bigger.


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