Cristoforo Colombo Rome Hotel Review
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Cristoforo Colombo Rome Hotel Review

For those travelers looking for an affordable hotel right in the commercial center of Rome, the Cristoforo Columbo Hotel is a good choice. The lower rate of the Cristoforo Columbo somewhat offsets the fact that the hotel lacks a great many of the amenities provided by larger in-town hotels. The Cristoforo Columbo provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy the historical sites of the city while remaining outside the primary tourist zones where prices are significantly higher.

Cristoforo Colombo Rome Hotel Review

Wows and Woes

The hotel staff can help guests find their way into the tourist zones using the city’s bus system. They’re happy to draw maps or direct customers to the nearest bus station. While the hotel caters primarily to guests who have their own cars, the local buses are still far and away the most efficient way to get into the city to see the sites. The nearest bus stop is less than one-quarter mile away from the hotel, and the nearby tobacco stand is the ideal place to purchase your bus tickets. Guests can walk to a shopping center near the hotel in just in a few minutes. Small meals are offered at the hotel’s on-site restaurant, although the options are limited to basic pasta and meat dishes.

Insider Tips

The hotel offers guests breakfast before they leave in the morning to head into town. While the hotel doesn’t provide full meals for breakfast, they do provide basic cereals and breakfast meat. Cured meats, such as prosciutto, are the extent of the breakfast meat selection. There isn’t any cooked food for breakfast, but there is something for everyone, including vegetarians. The hotel has a small bar by the pool, but the pool is not very big, and more than just a few guests make it feel overcrowded. Unfortunately for those who like being right in the center of things, the hotel is nearly an hour by bus from any of the major Roman sites.

Cristoforo Colombo Rome Hotel ReviewBottom Line

For guests that don’t mind sacrificing convenience to save money, the Cristoforo Columbo Hotel is a great value. While the hotel offers limited amenities, the rooms are immaculately clean and the hotel provides the basic necessities. The Cristoforo Columbo Hotel is a very basic hotel, great for guests who are looking for little more than a roof over their heads after a long day of sightseeing. While the amenities at the Christoforo Columbo Hotel leave much to be desired, the hotel is well-kept and the staff is always willing to go out of their way to make sure guests enjoy their stay.


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