The Girlfriend’s Review of Volcano Brand Electronic Cigarettes

I’ve rarely seen my boyfriend more excited about anything not Xbox related than his new Volcano Electronic Cigarette. He’s tried quitting in the past and can’t seem to abandon the tried and true tobacco cigarettes. After doing some research, we decided to order an e-cig and give it a shot. The great thing about e-cigs is that not only does it satisfy the nicotine cravings but also the smoking ritual. After doing some more research, we decided to go with the Volcano Brand e-cig.

We chose the Volcano E-cig partially because we also found a 10% off coupon. The volcano is also pretty inexpensive even without the coupon. We ordered the V-Kit Sampler, which included one battery, one atomizer, one usb charger, and one pack of five cartridges for $39.99. Other kits included wall chargers, charging packs, and more cartridge packs, but since we just wanted to try it we thought the sampler would do. Shipping was only $4.09 with standard US postal service shipping. Other options included 2-day fed-ex shipping and priority shipping, but we ordered our e-cig Wednesday night, it was shipped Thursday morning and it arrived on Monday so it wasn’t that long of a wait. The reviews of the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Aquavape Ice Mint 6mg should be dose as the perfect dose for the person. The effects will be less when compared to the other smoking habits. The purchase can be done at online sites so that the results will be long-lasting and effective. The shipping charges of the product will be less or free for the loyal consumer of vape-juice. 

The Volcano E-cig arrived in a sleek black gift box. Even though it didn’t come with instructions, he got it together in less than five minutes. The three parts fit together well, the battery and the atomizer screw together and the cartridge just slides on. Even though an instruction manual would have been nice, the website does have a very comprehensive FAQ page that can answer all your questions.

The main reason I wanted him to quit smoking was the second hand smoke. Not only was it unhealthy, but it stank and made me cough. With the Volcano E-cig, the little smoke that there is smells like vanilla (we ordered the vanilla flavored cartridges) and has no negative health effects. After all, it is just water vapor. He likes it because it tastes much better than a traditional tobacco cigarette and still gives him the rush he gets from nicotine.

Another reason we chose Volcano E-cigs was because they have a wide variety of flavors. They have nine different flavors, ranging from tobacco to Waikiki Watermelon to Kona Coffee, as well as blank cartridges that you can use to fill with your own e-liquids. We’ve only tried the vanilla bean, as the sample kit only came with one pack of cartridges, but so far he likes the taste and I can only smell it if I’m right in his face (and even then the smell isn’t bad).

The Volcano E-cig is also very sleek. We’ve all seen versions of e-cigs that are the size of large pens. They look incredibly awkward and gaudy. What’s great about the Volcano E-cig is that it’s the same size as a cigarette, very small and sleek. It comes in either black or white and you can interchange your colors; a black battery and a white cartridge or vice-versa. We have the black battery with black cartridges and they look very cool, with a red led light that lights up when you take a hit.

One bad point is that it’ll take you a while to get used to hitting it. My boyfriend had no idea that one primer hit was needed to soak the atomizer, followed by lightly inhaling for longer periods of time. This resulted in him hitting the e-cig very hard the first few times and making the cartridge run out faster. His second cartridge lasted a lot longer than his first. Another bad point is the battery life. One battery lasts for about half an hour of continuous smoking. This may not seem like a problem at first, but most smokers don’t really realize how much they smoke. The battery has already run out twice on us and we haven’t even had it a full day.

Overall, we consider the Volcano Brand E-cig to be a good investment. You’ll save money by buying cartridge packs for $3.99 (less if you order more at a time), and save your health and the health of those around you. The Volcano Brand E-cig is small and sleek and easy to assemble. The only bad point seems to be the battery life. After the smoker gets used to “vaping,” it becomes easier and the cartridges last longer. Both the girlfriend and the smoker can highly recommend this brand of e-cigs.


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