Top 5 Places to Visit in France

Do you need a list of reasons to visit Paris? The city of light is on everyone’s list when traveling to Europe. While the tourist attractions can’t be missed, spend more time off the beaten path. Eat in cafes and restaurants that aren’t in your guidebook, buy crepes from street vendors, buy paintings from sidewalk artists. The greatest joy to be had in Paris has nothing to do with what you can see and everything to do with what you can feel. The joy of Paris is the joy of being in it.

This medieval city in the south of France was home to the great artist Paul Cezanne. You can sit and enjoy coffee at the same café as the famed painter and visit Le Mont Saint-Victoire, which features in much of his work. Aix is commonly referred to as the city of a thousand fountains—and once you go there, you’ll see why. Everywhere you turn there’s a different fountain. My favorite is the enormous Rotonde fountain on the Cours Mirabeau (pictured).

The Loire Valley, called the ‘Garden of France,’ is home to dozens of castles, or chateaux. Some of the most famous castles in the world are nestled in the Loire, including Amboise, Chanonceau, Cheverny, and Chambord. Tour the castles and imagine life in another century—or imagine living there yourself. I don’t normally recommend guided tours, but for the Loire Valley, I make an exception. Traveling to and from the castles can be overly difficult if you’re doing it on your own. An experienced tour guide will get you where you need to be and serve as a wealth of information.

Situated on the coastline of the South of France, Nice is only a three hour train ride from Paris. The city borders is on the Baie des Anges, a bay in the Mediterranean Sea, and visitors can stay in a hostel or hotel right on the beach. Be warned, however: The beach is rocky, not sandy. While in Nice, walk along the Promenade des Anglais, a walkway along the shoreline. Walk into the city from the Promenade and you will find tourist shops and cafes—adventure deeper into the city to get a real taste of Nice.

The beaches of Normandy shouldn’t be missed. It was here that the D-Day invasion was launched in 1944, and the remnants of bunkers and landing craft are still scattered along the shoreline. The beaches themselves are still called by their codenames. Above Omaha Beach, there is a cemetery with over 9,000 white crosses in honor of the Americans who died there. So what are you waiting for? Go now and book your tour or travel with

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