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Zma Supplement For Better Muscle Gain

Bodybuilding is the sport that focuses on the development of lean muscle mass while subtracting excess flab on the body. It requires enthusiasts to follow a rigorous exercise routine combined with an adequate diet and rest plan along with proper supplementation. The bodybuilding industry is loaded with all kinds of products and services aimed at the development of muscular mass. The most popular among them are bodybuilding supplements comprising of various protein powders, energy snacks and meal replacement supplements. ZMA Supplement or Zinc – Magnesium – Aspartate is used by numerous enthusiasts to increase their performance and strength.

ZMA — Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) was developed by Victor Conte, Founder of BALCO Laboratories in Burlingame, California. This scientifically engineered nutritional combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B – 6 is manufactured by SNAC System Inc, and claims to raise the testosterone levels in weightlifters and bodybuilders. The testosterone IGF-1 levels increase muscle gain and strength.

The products available at riverfront times will allow you to boost the muscle power. There is an improvement in the strength of the people. The bodybuilders are choosing the testosterone to have effective results. The meeting of the requirements is possible for people.

Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B – 6, play an important role in enhancing the biological processes of the human body and are vital for growth and development. Most Americans get Zinc and Vitamin B – 6 in adequate quantities but more than 50% are deficient in magnesium. This can inhibit performance, along with overall health benefits. ZMA Supplements facilitate the absorption of these minerals in the body, thereby increasing the general capacity of the body to deal with injuries and gain more muscle mass.

Benefits of ZMA Supplements:

There has been a lot of hype in the bodybuilding and weightlifting industry about this supplement. Various factors have attributed to this such as:

Ø ZMA leads to faster healing and recovery from strenuous exercise sessions resulting in building more lean muscle.

Ø It increases testosterone levels in the body.

Ø It induces sleep.

Ø It significantly decreases muscle cramps and pulls.

Ø It increases the levels of Human growth Hormone (HGH) in the body.

The Magnesium content in the supplement is essential for improving muscle contraction which helps increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscle. This helps increase your performance and enables you to gain mass.

An increase in exercise and strenuous activity leads to the depletion of Zinc and Magnesium levels of the body. During weight lifting and endurance training sessions, the blood sugar levels of the body rise leading to an increase in urination. This results in the exhaustion of vital vitamins and minerals from the body. This can result in lowered testosterone levels in the body, obstructing gains. Supplementing ZMA can be extremely beneficial for boosting the natural testosterone levels of the body and increasing the efficiency of your workouts on a regular basis.

The sleep inducing properties of ZMA help build muscle mass and enable you to reach your goals faster. It is while you are sleeping that the body rebuilds itself. It is important for bodybuilders and weight lifters to take adequate amount of rest in order to enhance the process of recuperation. It is during deep sleep that the body rebuilds the muscle tissues after wear and tear in the gym and help gain more mass.

Proportion of Ingredients:

Zinc: 2—30 mg

Magnesium: 400-500 mg

Vitamin B – 6: 10 mg


ZMA Supplements must be taken before going to bed on an empty stomach 2 hours after having your last meal. A gap of 30 minutes must be maintained between taking any other supplements after ZMA. Taking it with cheese, calcium, milk etc. should be avoided as calcium blocks the absorption of zinc.

ZMA is a scientifically developed anabolic formula targeted towards benefiting bodybuilders and weight lifters. However, before taking the supplement, you must consult you doctor to help you decide if it is suited for your body or not. You must also take into consideration, your body’s weight, medical condition and if you are suffering from any diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, depression, cancer, stress related disorders etc. before taking the product. Combined with adequate exercise, diet and rest, this product can prove beneficial for you.


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