How To Remove Mold From Clothes

Mold can easily grow on clothes if there is too much moisture in your home. It can also happen when you leave them in a damp pile for a long time. Mold stain also happen on clothes when it is splashed with food.

There are some steps if you follow them you can prevent mold growth in your cloth

  • Don’t leave the wet garments in a pile.
  • Don’t leave the clothes in a damp place.
  • Dry your clothes properly before placing them in your wardrobe.
  • Try to control of the moisture of the place where you put your clothes.

As soon as you find the mold in your clothes take them outside of your house to prevent the spores for spreading. There are few old school remedies you can take to clean you moldy cloth: –

  1. Brush of loose mold: Take all moldy clothes outside and take a brush (any type of brush even toothbrush also can be taken) and brush off the dry loose mold.
  2. Set the cloth in sun: After brushing put the clothes in the sunlight. The heat and sun will kill the remaining mold from your clothes.
  3. Soak in water: presoak the clothes in cold water after that wash that in hot water with detergent. Hot water kills the germs after that allow the clothes to dry completely in the sun.
  4. Remove the stain: To remove the mold stain use lime juice and salt or vinegar or bleach in the effected part.

You have to take precaution all the time when you are cleaning otherwise you’ll spread the spores and it can be much more dangerous. If you are not confident to clean the mold by yourself or you find that a lot of clothes are affected by the mold then please consult a professional mold removal company like Miami mold inspection service. Is recommended that you consult with a professional.


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