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Debate on the wide or narrow grip for training lats, and the benefits of negative training. When champions like Mike and Ray Mentzer, Casey and Lee Labrada Vialor (all heavy-duty advocates Jones suited to the narrow grip was more effective to the extent, but failed to add to the confusion. How can you say that Robby Robinson and Tony Pearson, who developed back with an extraordinary breadth dominated and wide grip pulldowns, were mistaken?

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From my personal experience and what he observed, he believed the wide grip stimulated more amplitude than the narrow grip, but had no way to prove it.

It is comforting to have the support of the scientific community. In a recent issue of Ironman, Eliot Jordan reported that researchers at the University of Miami (USA) had conducted an electromyographic study to determine the effects of different widths of the grips in muscle contraction. In this study, three men were three versions of milestones: Milestones in front with wide grip, pulling behind the neck pulldowns wide grip and close grip curl.

Subjects completed 12 repetitions per set with 70 percent of its maximum weight. The results revealed that the strength and muscular activity were higher in gripping width variations.

The researchers concluded that the wide grip pulldowns were better than close-grip pulldowns to work the area of numbers and, in particular, to increase the width of these muscles.

This does not mean that dominated and narrow grip pulldowns have no merit. To develop the bottom of the lats, are unsurpassed. But if you want a large dorsal expansion and accentuate the V-shaped torso, make-ups and wide grip pulldowns. It is the general rule.

In another study conducted at the University of Miami, the researchers sought to confirm, again using electromyography, the hypothesis that direct the toes at different addresses off-forward, outward and inward-calf raises in the works different parts of the muscles. Seven women and three men aged between 18 and 50 years performed with Smith machine elevations in all three positions. The electrodes placed on the twins showed significant activity of the muscle heads indoors when your feet pointed outward or inward, but the action of the central head felt no notable changes whatever the position of the feet.

Before Arthur Jones wrote about negative reps, many other writers had advocated accentuate the negative work. Yet. Jones emphasized the value of conducting trainings exclusively negative. The problem with this approach is that you need at least a training partner strong-two exercises like squats, rowing, dead lifts, bench press and the press behind the neck-to bring the weight to the starting position and ye ye may spend it down. It’s easy to find someone willing to help you in a few series or even a whole workout, but find a mate for weeks vain virtually impossible. The novelty of seeing how much weight can lower a person disappears quickly. Finding it is agreed that assistant arduous.

If you give with a partner to conduct trainings negative phase only, you can experience a remarkable progress in a very short period of time. When a student at York University in Toronto (Canada), in the early 70s. had a bar of 90 kilos under the living room sofa that company with three other guys (que. by silt, did not exercise). He had just read an article by Jones on negative training and decided to try. For the experiment, I chose the neck seated press after a year in which I had stagnated in the six reps with 65 kilos (with a body weight of 80). I managed to convince my three fellow students to help me to do repetitions negative press behind the neck in the common room with bar 90 kilos. As Jones noted, they raised the bar over my head and I went down to his shoulders and slowly resisting. The series ended when he could not control the bar down, which beat down.

For three nights-Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I made ​​two sets of six to eight repetitions negative press behind the neck with 90 kilos. That week I avoided the conventional shoulder presses, despite achieving common practice for other muscle groups. Believe it or not. to re-do the press after conventional neck myself, I managed to do six reps with 80 kilos, up 15 kilos in just one week.

Could also do two repetitions without difficulty rigorous seated military press with about 90 kilos. The improvement was amazing, and there was not any kind of drug.

Unfortunately, my friends soon got tired of getting up so much weight, so the negative training lasted only seven days. Can not imagine how much would have increased my strength have continued with this strategy several weeks. If you can persuade a partner to help you in the presses, try negative training. You can increase strength in a short time, but do not forget that you must reduce training muscle group until readiness conventional sessions. Even a few sessions serve to stimulate a muscle. I think you will be surprised.


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