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Why Am I Looking to Lose Weight?

Many people that know me believe I am one of the most confident people in the world. Unfortunately, I know that on the outside, I like to show a beard of confidence gleaming from every pore of my skin. To tell you the truth, I am that confident in the knowledge that I have acquired throughout the years and have stored in my noggin. There is a twin dark side though that I believe many of you reading can relate. It is a lack of confidence in appearance — Maybe it’s something that has been traded down through the generations in my family, which isn’t a hard thing to believe seeing that weight always finds its nasty way into family conversations. But, it is something I have tried, rather unsuccessfully, to work on in the past and I will continue to improvement upon in the future.

Friends unknowingly have asked, “Why are you on a weight loss journey? You already eat healthier and exercise more frequently than most others around.” It’s simple really, it’s not about reaching “supermodel” status because lets face it, my German ancestors gave me large hips that hold up a flat butt. Rather than just health, my problem originates more internally than externally. There is always something that one can make a goal for ‘” otherwise there would be no purpose in living on earth right? My goal for now is not only to lose a few more pounds to reach a healthier athletic body but to also work on my confidence deep within. When a person is looking to weight loss, then Leptitox is a lot safer than starvation diets. The reduction in the weight is noticed to have greater benefits. The health of the person is great with the reduction in the fat to get greater benefits. The charges of the product are less in comparison to the others. 

I’ve gone through being overweight my entire life, which has emotionally caused internal damage. It is hard being the “fat chick” all the time in school and especially so living in a country that size does matter. I remember my days living in Japan could be very emotionally stressing. Although I loved living in Japan, I had gained about 30+ pounds on top of the extra pounds I was carrying around my entire life. Let me tell you, my emotional baggage would never meet the airliners’ baggage restrictions of today. Don’t get me wrong, my life there was so amazing, each and everyday I learned or experienced something new and exciting. Plus, the people were so friendly and were constantly trying to feed me their delicious ethnic foods, which became a major problem since I loved everything so much. Each time I have lived there, it was the most life changing experience. (I would jump on a plane tomorrow if someone gave me a job offer!) From these experiences, I had gained a lot of confidence but likewise gained a lot of weight too.

Thankfully, what I learned in Japan I brought back to the states with me. I went through some ups and downs, but the last two years my husband and I made the choice and have stuck to a different lifestyle. Hence, I lost about 30+ pounds solely through exercise and changing to a happier/healthier diet to keep for a lifetime.

It was confidence in myself which turned out to be a true blessing in disguise. I love being geeky, quirky, cheerful but most importantly confident in myself. Although I can look into a mirror and think, you are a healthy runner, I know there is still much room for improvement. It’s important to learn who you are while also coming to face your fears head on. It is now that I understand I want to lose a few more pounds but more importantly:

  • Lose a few pounds of excess fat to be able to run faster. I want to have around a 18-21% of body fat range to get the most out of my running experience.
  • Gain more muscle to be stronger.
  • Workout regularly to increase my mental clarity.
  • Workout regularly to decrease stress.
  • Exercise to keep healthy, to reduce future illnesses connected with aging.
  • Eat healthy vegan food to help assure future health while also saving defenseless animals’ lives.
  • Learn about health and nutrition to someday help others in need.
  • Self-gratification in knowing that I did do everything I could for my body and mind.
  • Provide my husband and God with someone that looks pleasant and can do the tasks that only a child, woman, wife and future mother can do.
  • Fit into clothes that I can purchase anywhere. It’s hard to find anything above a size 4 for a person that is 4′ 10″.

Catherine Han founded Murals Plus in 2017 and is currently the managing editor of the media website. She is also a content writer, editor, blogger and a photographer.

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