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Which Type Of Yoga Is Right To Start With?

As a beginner, it is obvious to get confused among various types of Yoga. There are various types of yoga’s as per different health and fitness goals. One should be smart enough to choose the best one according to the body needs. Even though every type of yoga benefits your body, one should choose the style as per the goal. for choosing the right one you must know about all the major styles of yoga. 

Some people aspire for strength building while some want an athletic and lean body. Also, people who are young and have just entered into adult age would need to practice a different style than a person who has reached their old age. Also, people who are eying for health benefits would find a different style of yoga appropriate for them. Following are the 6 major styles of Yoga people can choose from so just see it here

  • Ashtanga Yoga 

This style if yoga comprises of six poses or sequences that need to be done at a fast pace. In this style, emphasis should be laid on breathing, focus point and movement or position. A person who wants a lean and an athletic body type should go for this one. Going for this style would give both mental and physical benefits to a person. 

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

In this yoga style, the major focus in on the connection of breath movement and balance. This yoga style involves unique and creative poses and postures. If one is looking to build a flexible body, this yoga style can turn out to be perfect. 

  • Bikram Yoga 

Bikram yoga consists of 26 poses which are usually performed in a room that is humid with high temperatures. This style of yoga helps the tougher muscles to relax and get soft. If one wants to develop a habit of disciplined training, this style of yoga can perfectly complement the choice. 

  • Kundalini Yoga

In this Yoga style, poses are made along with a particular and unique breathing style. This yoga style combines poses with controlled breathing and meditation. This yoga style can benefit people who want to find inner peace and seek spiritual satisfaction. 

  • Yin Yoga

This yoga style is the exact opposite of intense exercises that are responsible for generating heat in the body. It doesn’t target the hard tissue but the soft tissues. This style involves a lot of stretching coupled with controlled breathing. This yoga style is perfect for people who are already-fit and engaged in some physical activities but lack the connection between their body and soul. 

  • Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is also called anti-gravity Yoga. In this type, people perform yogic exercises while suspended in the air. Desi yoga style is known for various health benefits. 

Considering the above styles of yoga would give you a great idea about which type of Yoga you can start with. All the above styles target various benefits related to the physical and mental health of a person. It’s never late to start doing yoga and you just need to see it here for the most appropriate style of Yoga for you. 


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