What Moisture Meter Can Do For You

If you are a home inspector, whether you work full time or part-time, we know exactly the one thing that you need: a moisture meter. We know that some of you prefer to do your job the traditional approach but there are a lot of perks in using a moisture meter that you may have not been aware of. Read further to learn how using a moisture meter can benefit you. 

It Doesn’t Just Read Moisture

Of course, it is called moisture meter for a reason. But what many people don’t know is that it can be used for other things as well. 

Refer to the bullet points below to know its other features:

  • Moisture content range
  • Species
  • Presence of wet pockets
  • Specific gravity
  • Moisture content gradient
  • Surface moisture
  • Surface quality
  • Width and thickness

It Will Help You Get A More Accurate Reading

The ones we have listed may refer to very different things but if you look at the entire picture, they are all related. Getting the moisture content range, moisture content gradient, among other things help you make your readings more accurate. 

With that, you will be in a much better place to help your client determine how he can better his house. 

Will Your Meter Reading Be Affected By The Surface Moisture?

We know for a fact that every meter reading is different. In each one of them the stated bullet points can have an effect on the overall reading. 

That being said, it is most recommended that out of all the different types of moisture meter, you should choose a pin meter. A pin meter does a pretty good job measuring the humidity on wood. This measurement also includes water that the wood has absorbed from rain. 

What Happens If You Measure A Reading Without A Moisture Meter?

What will basically happen is that your reading will become inaccurate. Sure, there may have been a time when manually measuring home elements was acceptable. But this isn’t the good old days anymore. These days, the competition in the home inspector industry is steadily moving. In that case, you need to ramp up your game with regards to this scenario. 

You can still manually read the moisture but it will take a lot of work from your end to meet the performance of workers who does use a moisture meter. You have to calculate certain samples from one another to get an accurate result. 

There already lots of moisture meters available in the market today but your problem is finding the right one for you. Take note that if you are going to invest in this type of equipment, you might as well buy one with the best quality.

In that sense, you may want to check out That is where you will find the best moisture meters around in the market. Not only that, even though they are the leading providers, they are nice enough to sell these things at a reasonable and affordable price.


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