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Internal Doors Come in a Variety of Styles

Panel Doors

Panel doors are the most common type of internal door you can find. They look fantastic in almost every type of home due to their simple silhouette. Panel doors, despite their similarities, come in a number of designs, depending on how many panels you like. They are usually available in designs ranging from two to twelve panels, but you might be able to find designs with more. The panels may be stacked horizontally or vertically, and the more panels there are, the more conventional the door looks. Glazed or homebase internal doors are available. A single, several, or all of the panels in glazed variations can be made of glass. These are a fantastic way to let more natural light flow from room to room.

Flush Doors

The most basic of all door styles are lush doors. On both sides, they have simple facings, which means they are flat and lack any designs or panels. The facings are usually sandwiched on either side of a core material, offering the appearance of solid wood doors without the price tag.  Strong, hollow, or stave cores are available for flush doors. The word “strong heart” means exactly what it says. To fully fill the gap between the two facings, a solid sheet of material, such as particle board or foam, is used. As a result, you get a flush door with added strength, insulation, and soundproofing.

Ledged Doors

Ledged doors have the same vertical construction as cottage doors, but they have horizontal ledges on one side. The number of ledges on the door will decide where they are located. If you have two, one will be at the top and one will be at the bottom, three will be equally spaced between the top and bottom, and so on. Ledge and brace doors are similar to ledged doors, but they have a brace added to them. The brace runs at an angle, linking the corner of one ledge to the opposite corner of the other at a 45-degree angle, while the ledge runs horizontally.

Cottage Doors

Cottage doors were not just for use in the cottages they’re named after, but they do look especially lovely in period homes. They’re also known as planked doors or ledge and brace doors, but the latter applies to a slightly different design that we’ll mention later. Cottage doors are a hardy, rustic type of door that is mostly made of oak. They look great in both traditional and modern homes, despite their traditional roots. You’ll be able to find a cottage door from a mile away once you know what you’re looking for. Internal doors in the cottage style have vertical planks that run the length of the entrance. These planks may run from edge to edge or be encased within a border. They’re still cottage doors in any case.

Dowel Construction

Dowel doors are made up of a number of parts that are all made separately. During the manufacturing process, circular dowel holes are left in the wood so that it can be joined together with dowels. The holes for the dowels are filled with glue, and the dowels are then inserted. The door is then put in a press until it is completely dry.


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