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Buying An Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin – A Primer

People with sensitive skin have to be extra careful while buying products that directly contact their skin. Along with the various creams and skincare products, they should also pay attention to the electric shavers they use. Even for people with tough skin, razors can be hard on their skin. So, if people with sensitive skin do not exercise caution, they may end up irritating their skin, experience breakouts and flareups.

For customers with sensitive skin, it may seem not easy to find a shaver that provides a close shave and is gentle on the skin at the same time. To help these customers, here are a few tips.

Buying an electric shaver – Tips for sensitive-skinned people

  • A dedicated product

Some products are specifically made for people with sensitive skin. Models such as the Philips Norelco 3800 specifically mention in the product description that they are suitable for sensitive skin. Check for electric shavers that are dedicated for customers with sensitive skin.

  • Customer reviews

One can find and shortlist the electric shavers meant for sensitive skin. But there is no way to check if the product lives up to the claims. So, the next step is to move to the reviews section for the product. Check the reviews given by people with sensitive skin. People with eczema, rosacea or any other skin condition would surely try the electric shavers meant for sensitive skin. If you find the reviews to be satisfactory, go ahead with the purchase.

  • The sensitive setting

Many electric shavers are not specially made for sensitive skin. But they do include a setting for the same. Among regular, fast and other modes, if the manufacturer has included a special ‘sensitive setting,’ then rest assured that the shaver will give a close and gentle shave.

Which type of razor is better?

Men with sensitive skin have a common question while choosing an electric razor – which type to buy, foil razors or rotary razors?

Generally, people with sensitive skin find foil shavers to be more comfortable. One reason could be that rotary shavers tend to pull the hair, which can cause minor discomfort. Also, foil shavers are relatively gentler on the skin.

However, it all comes down to personal preference. For all we know, there could be sensitive-skinned men who prefer rotary shavers over the foil type. For first-timers, it is advisable to start with a foil razor. They are more likely to stick to this type.

What features should one look for?

Since each person’s skin is different, nobody can pinpoint a single electric shaver for all sensitive-skinned people even if it is of the same type. However, we can list some desirable features in shavers that make them more suitable for sensitive skin. Given below are some of the desirable features.

  • Should not become hot during use

Shaving cannot be rushed. However, when used for extended periods, the friction between the blades and the foil will create heat in some electric shavers. Shaver’s whose heads become hot during operation are bad for sensitive skin. Top-quality razors that remain perfectly cool during usage are the best choice. Along with selecting the right product, the user should also regularly lubricate the razor to minimize heat generation and wear and tear.

  • Ability to shave long hair

Men with sensitive skin cannot use electric shavers daily. They usually give a gap of a couple of days between their shaving sessions. An electric shaver that can get rid of long hair that grows during the intervals is needed. Some shavers cannot accomplish this. One needs to use multiple strokes to get rid of long hair growing in different directions. This will again irritate the skin.

  • Supports wet shaving

Users who have delicate skin may prefer wet shaving over dry shaving. Wet shaving is more time-consuming. But the presence of foam and the shaving cream reduces chances of irritation. Thus, men with sensitive skin should look for electric shavers suitable for wet and dry shaving.

  • Sharp blade

Many people may be of the idea that sharp blades are bad for sensitive skin. However, sharp blades in electric shavers imply that the shave will be close and quick. Blunt blades pull the hair and require several strokes. All these contribute to skin irritation. Sharp blades get rid of the hair in an instant – without causing razor burns or irritation.

  • Powerful motor

With an electric shaver fitter with a high-quality motor, the user need not apply pressure. The shaver does the job quickly. Fewer strokes are involved. Thus, it is desirable to have an electric shaver with a good motor.

Additional tips

Buying a good electric shaver alone will not guarantee that the skin remains undisturbed. Shaving can cause minor irritation on all kinds of skins. So, here are some shaving-related tips for people with sensitive skin.

  • Choose a suitable foam or shaving gel.

The same gel may dry out quickly on some skin types but stay for longer on others. Through some research and trial and error methods, find a foam/gel that best suits sensitive skin.

  • Cleanse before shaving

Ensure that the skin is dry before shaving. Cleanse the skin. Could you wait for it to dry? And then start shaving.

  • Trim long hairs before shaving

Some shavers do not work efficiently for long hairs. So, trim it to a shorter length before shaving.

By following some simple tips like the ones discussed above, people with sensitive skin can have a safe and satisfactory shaving experience.


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