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Important Things To Consider When Looking For An Apartment To Rent

Are you searching for an apartment but have no idea on the steps of finding a good one? WE got you covered. If you want to rent apartment in Jakarta or in any other city, be sure to read this article first. Below, we will provide you with a few things you should consider when looking for an apartment to rent. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. The rent price

First of all, are you able to realistically find the money to reside in this apartment? You should ponder that thought first of all before seriously thinking about a specific apartment that you want. You have to seriously think about your capacity to pay. Carry out a little bit of online investigation to have a perception of the standard leasing costs in the community or city that you are renting in. Should you be ready to pay a higher cost of rent for a specific area, it is important that you try to come across different ways to lessen on expenditures. You might want to get a roommate that will share the rent and other expenses with you.

Another thing to consider about the prices of apartments is if it’s price is really low. If a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure that you knowledgeable of red flags like this, and the best way to inform yourself on the proper rates are if you know the standard price for the market you want to rent in.

Knowing the general rent price is really handy for two reasons, as stated above. First, it will let you know if a landlord is charging way too much than the regular rates in the area. Next, it will allow you if a place is offered for a price way below the general market price, which is a red flag on its own. An apartment that is too cheap when it comes to renting price might come with unexpected downsides, which will be discussed in the point below.

  1. The quality of the apartment

Do not believe in those impressive photos of apartments that are posted on their listing. Before you decide to lease a flat, you need to schedule to view the apartment for real. Take into account that aesthetic issues, like damaged blinds or scrapes on the walls, is usually repaired – perhaps by the landlord. However, greater issues might be a sign that the unit was not cared for properly. While you explore the apartment unit, search for safety and health problems, like bug infestations, rats, leaking sinks, water damage and mildew, lead paint, presence of asbestos, unclean air filter systems, damaged heater, broken air conditioner, rust build up, busted windows, as well as electric issues. There are more problems that are not listed here, however, the ones above are the most common problems found in unkempt apartments.

  1. The attitude of the landlord

The attitude of the landlord can worsen or improve your apartment living experience in significant ways, even if you are rarely going to see each other anyway.

A bad landlord for instance might refuse to fix problems that might arise from time to time in your apartment, or else try to look for loopholes to make you shoulder the expenses of apartment repairs and renovations that is their responsibility. A bad landlord will make your renting experience a nightmare, so make sure that you end up with a kind landlord.

Before you move in an apartment, be sure to ask the other tenants or roommates about the landlord to have a general idea of what the landlord is like.

  1. Your roommates and neighbors

Similar to landlords, your neighbors and most especially, roommates are the people that you will live with most of the time. Be sure to meet with your roommates and close neighbors at least once to see if you have compatible behavior, especially for roommates since you’ll be living in the same space. A good or bad roommate can make or break your apartment living experience. For this reason, assessing your roommates properly is a very important thing to do.


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