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Increase Your Nutrient Absorption

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In fact, you will probably start to eat a lot less than normal. Due to maximum absorption you will not need to consume the huge massive amounts of food in order to get all the nutrients that a natural bodybuilder needs to increase muscle.

We all know that to build muscle we need nutrients. Therefore many people consume massive amounts of them. They use nutrient supplements and eat high nutrient foods but there is no guarantee that they will all be absorbed. In fact, even though some people consume all the right foods, they consume them in such a way that almost all nutrients are wasted and actually has a negative affect on their health.

Absorbing nutrients happens through digestion. Many people have the notion that all we need to do in order to get the nutrients is eat the right foods. We consume, the body breaks down and absorbs. It??™s pretty basic.

However, despite what most people believe, the process of digestion is actually a lot more complicated. Different foods all demand different things from our digestive system. Even though we are omnivores and therefore capable of digesting many different foods, it does not mean we can do so all at once. There are various stages and environments the body needs to create in order to digest each sort of food. Asking the body to create different environments at the same time for digestion will not have any success.

The fact is that no being in nature is designed for complex meals. I mean, have you ever seen an animal gathering up different kinds of foods before eating? The answer is no because foods are not meant to be combined. Thanks to our phenomenal body, we are capable of combining foods, but this still comes with consequences. The consequence of low nutrient absorption is no increased muscle mass; sometimes even decrease.

High protein foods, for example, require a highly acidic environment which takes place in the stomach in order to denature the protein. Contrary to that, starchy foods require a mildly alkaline environment for digestion to take place in the mouth and small intestine. This is basic chemistry that we have all learned in school, but do we all know what happens when you take something acidic and mix it with a base/alkaline?

The answer is simple; they neutralize. In its best attempt to digest the foods, the body now keeps secreting alkaline and acids, using up all the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, salts, other nutrients and a huge amount of energy. This makes you unbelievably tired and makes you feel bloated because the body needs to overwork. A simple digestion of meat before it goes into your intestines would normally take around 3 hours. If starch and meat are combined, this process has now increased to up to 9 hours. But even worse, now the proteins decompose and the starch ferments, creating a place for dangerous microforms that feeds on your nutrients. This is why you are still tired when you wake up in the morning. You slept but your body did not rest. Your body worked all night to try break down all the food you ate for dinner.

Think about the classical American meals: fish and chips, potato and meat, sandwich and ham,

chicken with rice, burger and fries. Give your body a break! It is for your own sake. So here is the solution to have maximum nutrient absorption, energy, health, quality sleep and consequently more muscle mass: proper food combining.

Proper food combining is essential, and by following the instructions I will give you, I assure full success. You must not forget to go easy on yourself as it might be hard at the start. The more creative and positive you are at the beginning, the better this will work for you and remember to make it work for you, not against you.

Here are the steps to be followed.

1. Low-sugar (less than 8 percent sugar) fruits and veggies combine with everything.

2. Eat starches with veggies, low-sugar fruits and healthy oils. No animal protein!

3. Eat animal protein with vegetables. Try fish on a bed of steamed greens or a crunchy salad with lemon.

4. This is crucial: Eat high-sugar fruits on their own. Because of their sugar, fruits are digested extremely rapidly; therefore if occupied in the stomach waiting in 37 degree Celsius for other foods to be digested it will rot and ferment. Take a banana, peel it and put it in the sun and wait for 3 hours (or even 9, if you ate it with protein and starches) and watch what happens. It will rot. Everybody knows it is stupid to consume rotten food.

5. Healthy fats and oils go with starches, vegetables and low-sugar fruits. Nuts can be combined with all foods. This is the one single exception to high-sugar fruits. Try a tasty banana-almond shake.

That is it! It may sound hard so try to go first without starch and animal protein, and then adapt to the rest of the program.

After only two days, you will be amazed with how active you will be after eating meals along with Testogen. The refreshing feeling you will have when you wake up in the morning will make you notice that you actually don??™t need to consume the same amount of food to feel full and build mass. You will in fact consume less and build more.

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