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How To Get In Tiger Shape

Every time you see Tiger Woods, you can tell that he’s been sticking with his fitness regimen. He looks phenomenal and that is to his and his trainer’s credit. In addition to being trim, he also has been gaining muscle. Tiger has a lot of flexibility and mobility because that’s needed in golf, so he doesn’t need to bulk up and he hasn’t.

I might surprise you when I tell you that you can build a lean muscular body as Woods has without much difficulty as some of the best weight loss supplements for women and men out there in the market. He’s the perfect balance between muscle and fitness, making him an even more formidable athlete to compete against.

For golf, I don’t think you have to be very muscular. After all, there are some flabbily looking men and women on the green. What I want to emphasize, though, is that he has built muscle without becoming bulky. He looks good, and it hasn’t limited anything about him.

One thing he probably does to keep his mobility and flexibility is probably to do multiple muscle group movements like I try to get my clients to do.

I’m also impressed with his endurance in hot weather, something that is easily gained from an interval and resistance routine. When you take the time to get into shape and then maintain a healthy lifestyle, you are able to brag about how good you feel at the end of a hard day just the way Tiger does.

I mean, have you heard how he calls down the other golf players for not busting themselves in workouts? I mean he lets everyone know that they can be just as good as he is if they’d work at it.

That’s what I want you to know. You can look and feel just as good as Tiger or some of these other athletes. All you have to do is get some discipline and invest some hard work into yourself.


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