The Criteria For The Best Gaming Monitor For PS5

The gaming industries have moved so forward, that presently we can even play games in three dimensions. It is something no one could have imagined a decade back. Every day developers are either coming up with new gaming ideas or devices or renewing the old ones. But gaming equipment can be really expensive. It is not just the controller, but the monitor as well. Nowadays, gamers are talking about PS5 games, and there are only a few gaming monitors for PS5.

Why are monitors important for gaming?

Gamers spend more than a hundred dollars to buy their favorite games, and the best way to enjoy those games to play them on a good monitor. Without the high resolution, you cannot appreciate the gaming graphics, nor can you enjoy the game at its full potential.

You cannot enjoy the high quality and expensive game on your laptop and desktop monitor. First of all, they will not support such a powerful interface of the games, and even if they do, it will end up heating the device, and thus your desktop or laptop can break down. 

What are the criteria for the best gaming monitor for PS5?

If you want to take full enjoyment of your PS5, you will need a gaming monitor that can support 120fps and 8K. But these specific monitors are hard to find, although there are gaming monitors that will do the work for now and provide you with a fantastic PS5 experience.

Therefore, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you place your order for a gaming monitor for PS5:

  1. The monitor should have HDMI 2.1 compatibility. This feature will allow your PS5 to unlock higher resolution and framerates. The HDMI 2.1 compatibility allows the users to play at 4K and 120Hz. It is a great combination of framerate and high resolution.
  2. If you cannot get your hands on these monitors, then move on and look for the ones that will let you play at 4K and 60Hz or 1080p and 120Hz. But before you proceed with the payment, make sure you check that the monitor can support the PS5. 
  3. At present 1440p monitors do not support PS5. Some do, but they reduce the video quality, and it is honestly not worth the money.

What are the other types of gaming equipment that are required?

Besides the gaming monitor for PS5, there are several other types of gaming equipment that you will be needing:

  1. Gaming chair- As a gamer, you will spend your time stick to your chair. You will not probably take a break to hit the gym or do the minimal workout. Sitting like that for hours can cause severe back pains. Thus, to avoid any aches, you need to get gaming chairs. This chair will correct your sitting posture and keep the spinal cord straight to not suffer from any back pain. 
  2. When you are already buying an expensive gaming console and gaming monitor, then there is no need to stay behind with the low-quality sound system. With a good quality sound system, you can have a much better gaming experience. 
  3. The keyboard is not needed for PS5 or any gaming console since the controller will be already present. But it is needed in general gaming. Normal keyboards are not strong enough to go through the continuous pressure of your finger. Moreover, their functionality is not smooth enough for gaming purposes. Hence, there are gaming keyboards exclusively made for gamers.
  4. Internet connection- A good internet connection with high speed is vital when you play games like LOL or Dota. It will allow you to play the games without any interruptions. It feels bad when you are playing diligently for hours, and suddenly an unstable internet connection costs you your rank.
  5. External hard disk- It is also an important device for non-console games. 
  6. Headset- A perfect headset will only allow you to converse with your gaming friends better.

When you set up a gaming corner, it gives you the most pleasant experience in gaming. The only way to achieve that is to get the best gaming monitor for your new console and other equipment to enhance your gaming journey.


Catherine Han founded Murals Plus in 2017 and is currently the managing editor of the media website. She is also a content writer, editor, blogger and a photographer.