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VuMe (pronounced View Me) is a site dedicated to sharing it’s profits with users who upload original content. The site acts as a forum for any person to share their original pictures, artwork, videos, music, and blogs. Some of you might remember the site from when it was called Eefoof. Eefoof was predicted to be the “YouTube killer” because of it’s unique revenue sharing model. Unfortunately, the name was hard to remember and even harder to pronounce, and the site was unable to compete with YouTube’s massive popularity, so the site went under. Now, they have re-launched themselves as VuMe, the suped-up 2.0 version of Eefoof.

The best part about VuMe, is that unlike most revenue sharing sites, they pay every user regardless of how popular or unpopular your uploads may be. They pay a flat CPM (Cost Per Thousand) of $3.00. In other words, if something you upload to the site gets clicked on 1000 times, they will pay you $3.00. Although that may not seem like very much money, in terms of advertising revenue, it is a pretty substantial amount to dole out to users. The thing I like most about this pay scale, however, is that you always know exactly how much money you’re earning. A lot of other revenue sharing sites are very secretive about how they calculate payments, and will usually only divulge something along the lines of, “We have a complex algorithm that determines which content has generated the most revenue.” This is highly frustrating.

I found that the trickiest thing about VuMe, is actually getting enough hits to your content to make the site worth while. As of now, the site doesn’t seem to be very popular, so there is not a lot of built-in traffic. If you really want to earn a respectable amount of money from your uploads, you will have to do a lot of self-marketing. If you have a popular blog, website, or MySpace page, simply posting links to your content will probably earn you a decent amount of residual income. I would also suggest posting links to your uploads in as many appropriate forums as you can find.

I would not recommend relying solely on one video or picture to make a lot of money on VuMe. A clever video can easily become a “hit” on sites like YouTube and Metacafe because they have a very large audience of users who are constantly browsing through content, but as I stated earlier, you won’t find that on VuMe. I recommend taking advantage of the fact that there is no limit as to how much you can upload. For example, if you upload five pictures, and each picture earns $1.00 per month, instead of spending countless hours trying to drive more traffic to those pictures, just upload more pictures. If you’re averaging $1.00 per picture, and you upload 1000 pictures, then you just made $1000.00!

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VuMe announced in their blog that they will be adding a “buddy feature” sometime soon that will allow users to communicate with each other and create buddy lists. If and when this occurs, it should be much easier to bring visitors to your uploads. To sign up and get started go to


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