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How to Go Green: Women’s Fashion

In today’s world, everyone is becoming conscious of the environment and trying to go green and make a positive impact on the society. Women’s fashion is no exception.

Trying to help Planet Earth ‘go green’ is our elite group of designers. Pioneers like Katherine Hamnett who succeeded in producing a range of clothing, “that is completely ethical, from the organic fabric, to the recycled metal zippers, to the palm nut buttons and even the recycled and recyclable coat hangers.”

Jonano provides a green and serene, echo chic fashion collection for women. The clothes are OKO TEK 100 certified which enhances the credibility of the chemicals used in the production of textiles. The chemicals have no negative effect on either human health or the environment.

Their natural and organic women’s fashion gallery surpasses any expectations. This bamboo eco-friendly, jersey dress in terra cotta red features “an empire waist and satin trim accented V neckline” and can be used as a mini-dress or a tunic with your favorite jeans.

Mixed Clothing Wholesale is the talk of the town that is slowly taking over an entire generation and the change in dress sense and fashion statement has played a huge role in his regard as women are known to be quite passionate about designer wear without compromising on the quality aspect.

This dress from Dansk is sure to turn heads. Made of “ultra soft bamboo”, the dress is simple, elegant and adorable. Butterflies, one of the main fashion trends, are detailed on the dress with low impact water based inks.

To get green to your wardrobe, one of the key principles is to buy vintage or used. Karmel  amp; Alden have taken vintage style to another level and here they feature a collection of women’s jeans that is made of organic cotton, is modern, sexy and sophisticated.

Designers have taken the concept of “solar energy” and integrated in their fashion statement. Handbag, like this from Augusta comes with solar panels. The material used is organic, hand-dyed, chrome free and exceptionally eco-friendly. The solar energy is now portable and the solar panels are renewable and can be used for many generations.

Jewelries are an integral part of women’s fashion. Keeping up with the trends, the eco-friendly jewelries are now handmade of materials like bamboo, horn, bone, stone, hardwood and vegan.

Top notch jewelry designer like Monique Pean uses in her collection “remains of fossilized walrus, caribou and Baleen as well as devastation-free diamonds and 100% recycled gold.” Companies are working to bring an end to destructive gold and diamond mining and the jewelries at Green Karat are handmade of recycled gold, sapphire, titanium or silver.

Go green doesn’t just involve designers and special line of clothing. It’s being fashionable without hurting the environment. Can’t afford the top boutiques and the designers? Visit your thrift store, find the styles in vogue, mix and match, check out online stores like Swapstyle, E-bay and Feecycle.


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