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Facelift With Your Fingertips: Rejuvenating Facial Exercise

Botox, collagen injections, face lifts, it seems no matter how dangerous, women and men, are willing to do just about anything to maintain their youth and beauty and because of this [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Looking for Facelift doctors in Michigan is a good choice especially if the person is needed with the plastic surgery treatment. In a rough economy, women are even going to such lengths as to order chemical peels and Syringes of products online to inject at home. If you haven’t seen the devastating results of some of these at home procedures, consider yourself lucky. Healthy attractive women ruin their faces for the rest of their lives trying to save a few dollars wile improving their looks. Chemical peels and injections are procedures that even professionals who have been trained in their application can botch, it is never recommended that you try any such thing at home.

There is a safe, simple, practically free way you can save your face, while it can’t provide the results that going under the knife can, it can soften deep set wrinkles and keep your facial muscles relaxed. It won’t cost you money, but it will cost you your time, about 15 minutes daily. If you find a way to work it into your routine, it will become a relaxing and enjoyable part of your day.

Facial exercise! The same way exercise can revitalize, tone and give a more youthful appearance to the body, it can do the same for your face. The whole process simulates collagen synthesis, in addition to toning some problem areas.



A search on facial exercise will get you a number of listings for facial exercise dvd’s or on line access to exercises. Carole Maggio has written a number of books on the subject of facial exercise. In comparison all all the facial anti aging workouts, except for hand placement, they all seem to be pretty much the same

There has been much debate over weather or not facial exercise actually makes wrinkles worse. But the fact remains that by working the muscles of the face they become firmer and more fit, and firm the skin. Collagen production which decreases as we age is also stimulated helping to firm the structure of the skin. Many doctors even recommend facial exercise to their patients pre and post op!

Here is one of my favorite exercises as it smooths the forehead

Facial firming exercise forehead fold remover

sit in a firm chair, and place both hands together side by side, so the pinky’s touch. Place the fingers on your forehead over your eyebrows. Be sure your pinkys are together on the spot between your eyebrows. A little pressure on this area, and you are also hitting an important acupressure point that help to release tension int he forehead. Using your fingers as resistance use your forehead muscles to push the fingers up, doing a forehead push up. Focus on using your fingers as a counter weight, and keeping a bit of pressure on the center of brows with pinkys. Continue pushing up completing 10 repetitions, now hold your brows up and do 20 mini push ups so that you feel a band of tension across the forehead.

Do 2 times a day for the most effect.

This will firm the underlying muscles for the forehead and improve its appearance in a matter of days, not weeks.



Its important to remember also, that a good diet is important to beautiful skin. It is also important when doing any kind of exercise even facial ones, because, when you are following a healthy diet your cell turnover improves. The faster you cells are replaced the better your skin will look. Another way to improve sell turnover is to include in exfoliating, toning and moisturizing to your regular skin care routine. One of my favorite tips is sugar, regular table sugar is a wonderful additive to your regular cleanser to create an exfoliant. Wash your face as you normally would, then add a tsp of sugar to your palm along with a dollop of your cleanser and gently scrub your skin. Glycolic acid is a popular ingredient in many anti aging potions, and is the main component of sugar.

I have been studying a number of different facial workouts, Carole Maggio’s is my favorite. A great additional benefit to facial exercises is that you can control your facial muscles, and are more aware of them. After a few workouts, you will actually consciously feel the tension in four face and relax it.

Facial exercise is a free, safe way to improve your appearance, a virtual face lift at your fingertips!


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