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Top Five Plastic Surgeons – Who Are They?

Plastic surgery has gained popularity in the modern world due to increasing growth of fashion and self-realization. Originally, surgeons conducted plastic surgery to patients who had a deformed physique due to accidents or sickness. Today, many people undergo plastic surgery to change their appearance. Some undergo it to improve their celebrity status and looks. The development of technology has led to the introduction of state of the art plastic surgery tools, which produce commendable results. However, results depend on the expertise and experience of the surgeon.

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Top five plastic surgeons include breast enlargement surgeons, breast reduction surgeons, breast lift surgeons, face-lift surgeons as well as neck and eyelid surgeons. These are the most common plastic surgeons because of the increased awareness in women and men of their appearance. Majority of women seeking these services target their breasts and face. Among the most common plastic surgeries is breast enlargement. This targets women unhappy with their breast size as well as shape. Breast enlargement entails the addition of implants under the skin or chest’s muscles.

Majority of these implants are artificial and examples include silicone and its products. Apart from enlarging the breasts, silicone has a filling and firming effect to the breast. Breast enlargement protocol requires at least 24 hours. The surgeon must use anesthesia to curb pain prior to cutting the breast’s skin. After cutting, the surgeon inserts the implant before stitching the wound. Possible complications associated with this practice include nipple numbness, painful scars, breast infections as well as noticeable variations in breast size.

Among the top five plastic surgeons is the surgeon who practices breast lift surgery. The objective of this surgery is reshaping breasts that sag or droop. As women grow old, their breasts lose firmness hence the sagging effect. The scientific name for this operation is mastopexy. The operation also re-shapes one’s breasts. To achieve good results, the surgeon removes extra skin around the areola to create tightness and firmness. This also leads to lifted breast and the elevation of the nipple and areola. The surgeon should also use anesthesia to prevent pain. After the procedure, one should avoid bras with under wires to avoid bruising post-surgical tissues. The best bra to wear during this time is a surgical bra, which supports and elevates the breast.

Possible side effects include nipple numbness, swelling, as well as bruising. Among the top five plastic surgeons are surgeons that practice breast size reduction known as mammaplasty. The surgeon removes excess tissue as well as skin from the breast. This results in the reduction of breast size. Extremely large breasts cause medical complications. Examples of these problems include skin irritation, poor posture as well as pain in the back and neck. Women with very large breasts face social rejection and ridicule. Complications of undergoing breast reduction surgery include bleeding, keloid scarring, infections, numb nipples, asymmetrical nipple location as well as mismatched size of breasts.

Facelift and neck lift surgeons are among the top five plastic surgeons in the market. The objective of this practice is to rejuvenate one’s appearance. This corrects drooping face muscles. Before one undergoes any plastic surgery, he or she should understand the associated side effects. Top five plastic surgery surgeons have developed websites where one books and pays for plastic surgery services.


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