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Do Nootropics Work Are There Side Effects

Nootropics are one of the drugs or compounds that the general public has little knowledge of. For the people who have heard about the nootropics, they are forever bemoaning the abuse that it receives from the college students and other people who want to become smarter. While their concerns are somehow valid, many people still have no idea what it is.

Do nootropics work? That is the question that thousands of people as themselves every waking moment. To simply answer or to try to, one should start by knowing that the drug was developed by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea from Romania. The drug’s name was derived from some Greek words; nous meaning the brain and trephine meaning bend or turn. This simple explanation then shows that the drug is meant to turn the way the brain of a person works or functions. The underlying concept of the drug is that the brain is supplied with more oxygen or the nerve’s growth is stimulated in the brain thus bringing about an increase in the supply of the neurochemicals in the brain thus improving the capacity of the same. Some of the neurochemicals in a person’s brain include hormones, enzymes, and others.

Still, people will ask, – do nootropics work? Well, given the research reports done by various scientists and backed by the original idea of the manufacturers, nootropics are made with the basic goal of enhancing the memory, improving the cognitive power, improving the memory, improving the capacity of neurons, and improving one’s intelligence. It is for this reason that the drug is called the smart drug. There are indeed copious benefits that one can find in the use of the best Nootropics today. However, before starting to use the same or even dismissing the question do nootropics work? – first of all, read through the available data and make an informed conclusion.

For many years people have not really entertained the thought of one turning out to be a genius overnight which is the case with the movie, “Limitless”. A student literally turns from being a bland person to one of the great brains in a country simply by taking the NZT-48 which would be the ‘Holy Grail’ of Nootropics in the real world. The movie turned many people’s attention to Nootropics to try to turn into magical geniuses overnight. This is not possible. What the drug can do however is greatly enhance the cognitive, memory, and general intelligence capabilities of a person. Here are several categories of nootropics that people can take and tremendously improve their lives.

Choline: This is considered to be the main Nootropics and most of the daily foods that people take or rather should take have a good percentage of this compound. Choline is in eggs, dairy products, seafood, meat, and so on. Since many people don’t take these in the right quantity, supplements of the compound are necessary. It is directly associated with improved cognitive ability, good memory, and recognition capability.

Racetams: This is one of the Nootropics that work today. The compound has the same effects as those of amphetamines although the results are more lasting and thus more effective. The compound is good in making the brain concentrate.

Stimulants: some of the compounds that are found in this class are nicotine, caffeine, amphetamines, and so on. Caffeine is good at making a person alert and the other compounds are seen to increase the number of neurotransmitters in the neural synapses. This overtime damages the brain and the cognitive ability reduces. The brain can also become irreparably damaged with time.

Vasodilators and Metabolic enhancers: Metabolism is critical to the body and also the flow of a good amount of blood to the brain critical. In order to achieve this, vasodilators are important in the body. Some of the drugs in this category include Picamilon, coenzyme q10, and others.

Reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: These are another group of nootropics that work and are found in the numerous synapses of the neurons and which mop up the presence of acetylcholine after signals have been transmitted. Careful dosage of this drug is important.

The use of nootropics is now wide and every other person is using one form of the drug or the other. While looking out for the perfect solution to some problems, people are resulting in using the Nootropics which are seen by many to give the very best of solutions. However, like any other drug that one can find in the market, today Nootropic’s side effects are real. Most of the Nootropics used in the everyday lives of many people like iodine, Vitamin B1, piracetam, Meclofenoxate, and several others have no side effects even after consuming an overdose. It is however advisable to never exceed the recommended dosage.

There are those other Nootropics side effects that are somewhat more serious and which can alarm one if they are taken in unwarranted excessive quantities. By taking drugs like Meclofenoxate, you will need to ensure that you aren’t suffering in any way from epilepsy or high blood pressure. Sulbutiamine will cause some nausea and in some people stomach upsets. When one takes Modafinil, the nootropics side effects will all be there for all to see. The brain will be extra sharp and the urine will smell like asparagus. After some weeks of using it, the side effects and the alertness fade. Choline is the most loved of the nootropics and yet one that comes with some embarrassing side effects. There is a chemical that a decomposing fish produces called trimethylamine. When a person consumes the choline drug which has very good memory enhancing capabilities, the body gives an odor of fish. If taken in larger quantities the odor can embarrassingly become very obvious to all the people around.

After reading a lot about smart drugs, people are left asking, are nootropics safe? There are many answers that can be fronted with respect to this question. However, it is critical that a person understands the features of the nootropics substances that they are taking and the possible side effects before jumping into using them. Most of the nootropics drugs that are in the market today are very effective in the right dosage. Since many of the nootropics exist in their most natural state, there is no real danger that one can really attribute to the same. Are nootropics safe? This can best be answered by; taking, for example, eggs or chicken which have lots of Choline.

Really, one cannot have any bad effects from eating them. On the other hand, there are those natural compounds like caffeine, nicotine, and others that are very helpful to the body and indeed by extension very helpful to the students studying for their exams. If too much is taken, then some side effects will come fore with time. It can therefore be said that most of the nootropics are safe if used in the right manner. Still, there are those that can have no too angelic effects. There are drugs under the nootropics title that are not allowed in certain sports because they are deemed to give a person an unfair advantage. When people ask, are nootropics safe? – the answer is more of a no than a yes; after all, most of the nootropics exist in the natural form and in foods and drinks.


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