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Why Water Softeners are The Best Investments?

75% of rural departments have hard water. If “hard” water can help you meet your calcium or magnesium needs, it is nevertheless responsible for many household concerns like:

  • Blockage of pipes
  • Scaling of your household appliance
  • High repair costs for your heating equipment

One solution to these problems may be the investment in a water softener. With this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing and installing a water softener in your home.

Do you need a water softener?

The primary purpose of the water softeners is to reduce the level of lime and magnesium present in your pipes. Before you consider installing a water softener in your home, be sure of the necessity of this purchase.

To find out more about the hardness of your water, simply go to the site of your water supplier. This has all the information on the lime content present in the water you use. If your water is considered “soft” then there is no need to install a water softener.

If your water is “average” (between 40mg and 80mg of limestone per liter), and the inconvenience caused by it is fairly minimal, installing anti-limescale filters may be sufficient to resolve them. Be careful, this solution is not suitable for all pipes, and your water may remain hard on the skin.

If the problem is more general, you will most certainly need to invest in a water softener that will regulate the level of lime in your water. A minimum calcium level is however necessary to avoid the risk of corrosion caused by too soft water.

How much does the purchase and installation of a water softener cost?

The price of a softener with the installation made by a professional will depend on the model and the selected brand, as well as the volume of the device.

For information, the price of the installation will cost you on average between 250 and 1000$ depending on the difficulty of the installation and the connection, as well as the chosen softener.

The price of a softener starts at $500 for the low-end, we advise you to go for more durable models between $800 and $1,200 depending on the brand and the desired volume.

How to choose the right softener?

The market includes many models of softeners, the 2 most important points to consider are:

The initial hardness of the water 

It is the Hydrotimetric Title (TH) of your water which indicates its hardness as well as the level it presents. It is between 15 ° F (for the softest) and 50 ° F (for the hardest water). Installation of a water softener is not necessary if the TH is less than 20 ° F.

To find out the hardness of your water, you can use an express measurement kit available at DIY stores or hire a professional to get a more accurate measurement of the different compounds that go into your water hardness.

How the water softener works

The purpose of the softener is to allow you to use healthier water on a daily basis, its use is transparent, and that is to say that when you use the water in your home it is automatically purified without the intervention of your go.


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