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Exercise for Good Nights Sleep

One important key to a restful nights sleep is the amount of physical activity that you get during the day. You will be more likely to relax and fall asleep easily if you are more active during the day. Your goal should be to increase your level of physical activity during each day.

Regular exercise will improve your sleep quality and your sleep phases and cycles will become more regular and smoother.

Another benefit you gain is that stress and worry become less of a problem in your life because of the changes in your brain chemistry that occur with regular exercise. Studies show a very real relationship between how you feel physically and emotionally and the amount of exercise you get.

For your body to be able to function healthily, it requires a certain level of physical activity. One thing to remember, you don’t want to exercise too late in the day. Late afternoon or early in the evening are the best times. Your exercise time should be several hours before time for your body to get ready to sleep.

Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week is a good goal. The type of exercise is your choice as long as the activity raises your heart rate because aerobic exercises seem to help the most in battling sleeplessness.

Walking, biking, running, biking, dancing, and jumping rope are just a few of the aerobic exercises you can choose from.

Two other activities you might consider are yoga and Tai Chi. These activities, while non-aerobic, are relaxing and also have other healing properties.

* Yoga-stimulates your nervous system, particularly your brain. Increases blood flow to the brain center, helping promote regular, restful sleep patterns. Yoga also helps relieve stress and tension.
* Tai Chi-form of movement and breathing ancient Chinese monks developed. Tai Chi involves slow, precise movements that are ideal for someone with joint pain or any other condition that causes you to be unable to participate in high impact aerobics. Studies have shown that Tai Chi may help insomnia by aiding in relaxation.

Regular exercise will not only help provide a natural remedy for your sleeplessness but will also benefit you physically and mentally.


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