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Dating Advice 101: A Big X On Worst Dating Advices

Entering into a relationship was never been easy. Having someone to be involve with your life is more than what people thought so. Dating is a tough and difficult job to keep but at the same time, it is also a blessing to be with the person you love the most. To keep a relationship for so long, both of you should be mature enough that the world doesn’t revolves only on the both of you. You have each and own lives to do and this is where your maturity and understanding as a person and partner. However, most of us make some common mistakes that you shouldn’t have been doing when dating because it will leave an impact on the connection of you and your partner and might be the reason to weaken the bond between the two of you.

To help you avoid those mistakes, here are some worst dating advices that you shouldn’t do when in a relationship:

  1. You should be the one controlling your relationship

A relationship is not an organization wherein someone should take a lead and be the boss. A relationship is where the both of you takes the lead and balance yourselves with each other. No one will be the superior and inferior. You are not in a business. You are partners in life. Both of you should be helping each other with challenges and difficulties.

  1. Commanding your partner to show his/her love for you by being romantic.

Being romantic is not something you should force to. Being romantic should be a natural thing on a person which means demanding your partner to be like is a big no. This will only pressure your partner to make you feel those so called ‘butterflies in the stomach’ until he/she will get tired of being someone he/she is not. Romantic gestures will only at the start and will fade away as your relationship progress and prolong.

  1. Silent treatment is the best way to prove your point to him/her.

Prolonging your conflict is and will never be an option as this will only make a wall between you and your partner and may weaken your bond with each other. To prove your point with him/her, just talk it out and don’t use the silent treatment as this will only heated up the argument more. In addition, don’t bottled up your feelings because once it burst out, it is harder to fix the conflict in your relationship and may cause the break-up.

  1. His/her privacy is also yours.

Looking into your partner’s personal communication with others such as text, chat or call logs without his/her permission is something you shouldn’t do ever. Doing so will just show you don’t trust him that’s why you need to go to such extent to see if he/she is cheating on you. Even as a partner, you should always respect his/her privacy.

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