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Working With The Court Cards – How To Work

The tarot court cards are a tricky lot, aren’t they? Judging by the feedback I’ve had recently, it seems they could be one of the biggest challenges that beginners face.

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When it come to deciding if a court card represents yourself, another individual or an ‘energy’; there is no book or post that can decide that for you. As a beginner this may seem a bit disheartening.

The thing is, it’s not a struggle because you haven’t yet read the right book or found the secret formula. The only difference between knowing what a card means and not being sure, is your confidence in your own intuition. This is something that will come with experience.

The best advice I can give when it comes to ‘deciding’ which way to read a card is this:

Look at your spread as a ‘big picture’ first and consider all the cards as a whole. Look for patterns. Are you dealing with emotions, love, career or finances? If you’ve asked a specific question then you’ll already have a good idea anyway. Then use the cards to build a story; make connections and form relationships between them. Once you have a basic ‘storyline’ it will be much easier to see where the court cards fit in to it all. You’ll find that other cards that seemed a little ambiguous will suddenly throw clues at you and the whole thing will start to make sense.

Sometimes it just doesn’t fit for a court card to represent another person, the story doesn’t make sense. I would then assume that the card represents the person I’m reading for or myself (if I’m reading my own cards).


Every reading is different but in my experience I generally see pages more as energy than individuals, unless children and family are integral to the ‘story’. Two pages together in this scenario might make me feel I’m with two children, and if one was the page of cups, or the empress was nearby then another could be on the way. The page of cups quite often screams pregnancy at me, although I feel it can also represent someone who is getting back on their feet emotionally, rebuilding their confidence and self esteem; especially if I saw it with the devil, tower or 5 0f cups, 4 of swords, etc.

Since the pages were messengers way back in the day they are often associated with the receipt of news and communication. For me this is especially true of the page of wands and swords. If I saw the page of wands next to a negative card like 10 or 3 of swords or the tower etc, then I’d assume that the news is not going to be good. However, next to the sun, star, 3 of cups, 6 of wands or any other positive card then I would assume the news will be good.

These neighbouring cards can also indicate what the news is about specifically. Page of wands with 6 of wands can indicate good exam results are about to arrive, with 4 of swords perhaps you’ll hear that somebody is unwell and so on.

The page of swords represents communication, it can indicate that someone will be in touch or or even warn that communications need improvement. If this page is paired with another court card say a king of swords, then perhaps tarot is telling you who this communication will be with. I often see the king of swords as an intellectual and professional type of guy, therefore conversations with a doctor or lawyer may take place.

The page of pentacles is concerned with material and earthly matters, he prepares and plans for the future. See him with the hanged man and obstacles could present themselves or sacrifices may have to be made.


The knight of cups nearly always represents a guy to me, especially if I’m reading a relationship spread and particularly if I see evidence of a new relationship (ace/two cups, lovers, etc). He would be the guy with the invites, the one saying all the right things at the right time.

The same goes with the knight of wands; amongst relationship cards he would be the love interest, only he would be a little more cock-sure of himself and more difficult to pin down. If you see him next to pentacles or other wands cards especially then it’s more likely he will be a colleague or business partner.

If a story is looking more like the personal journey of an ambitious individual then it’s likely the knights represent the spirit of the individual. It could indicate their state of mind or next course of action. The action will be motivated by either; money/security (pentacles), ambition/competition/creativity (wands), love/affection (cups).

I find the energy in the knight of swords to be somewhat erratic and scattered. As an individual he’s a bit of a slippery fish. In a relationship he confuses the women in his life no end.

Kings and Queens

In my experience the kings and queens almost always represent people; whether it’s the person I’m reading for, myself or someone else – but that’s just me. If I see all the kings in one spread I think of important meetings with influential people. All 4 queens can indicate a dispute or gossip.

The king and queen of cups side by side would indicate a couple with deep loyalty and a tight bond. Two queens side by side or close to each other can represent friendship but if one is facing away from the other then there could be a quarrel or disagreement.

I hear alarm bells when I see the queen of cups next to the seven of swords could this be the woman who’s trying to steal your man? Be careful of the queen of cups near any cheating cards. The king of pentacles next to seven of swords – is this guy as successful and wealthy as he says? Just don’t give him your pin number! The king or queen of wands near the seven of wands could be telling you


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