Day: December 23, 2018


AUSTRALIA – Land of Kangaroos

Australia is more than kangaroos, koalas, desert and hot weather. It’s one of the most civilized countries, ranging even higher than the US in terms of individual and financial freedom. Plan a trip to Australia if you’re interested in Aborigine cultures, the country has one of the oldest ones. Relatively isolated from the other countries, Australia has its own distinctive culture, different from the British or the other Anglo-Saxon ones. Many great sportsmen were Aussies. However, most of the foreigners know Australia for its convicts since Britain used the territory to send off his felons. Due to the wildlife in the area (and the adventures of Steve Irwin), people’s perception about the country is unbelievably inaccurate: they think of kangaroo riders, savages, and a vast portion of unoccupied land. Wrong! Australia has amazing cities, such as Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. It has 7 universities in the Global Top 100. Australians love sports and it has not 1, not 2, but 3 Frisbee teams. Drinking is embedded within the culture. Bob Hawkes beat the World …