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Pest Control For Education

Pests and the education industry are a definitively unpleasant mix, but the nature of the industry itself can make it difficult to manage pest issues.

Regardless of whether you’re discussing prep, primary or secondary school, or you’re even looking at tertiary education institutions such as TAFEs or universities, the potential for pest problems is incredibly high.

When compared to other businesses, schools have set times throughout the year where the number of individuals moving in and out of the premises will be constant and populated. So while every building on your campus may be relatively pest-proof, your buildings are also open for hours at a time to your students and, dependent on the institution, the public as well.

Along with open doors and windows where pests could venture in from, each individual who makes their way to and from your property each day has the potential to bring pests with them. For example, a cockroach could hide in their backpack at home and then escape the bag once on your premises.

A contrbuting factor to pest issues on campus is the food outlets. Unwittingly, when goods are delivered to food outlets, cockroaches and even rodents can be concealed within packaging or pallets.

Then there’s the size of your campus to take into account, particularly when you consider the size of certain niversities and the number of buildings and rooms within these campuses. Suffice to say, pest management would not only be a daunting task to try and tackle without a professional like (which you shouldn’t), but it would also be impossible.

Naturally, with the climate we have here in Brisbane, businesses and homeowners inevitably will have to deal with pests from time to time, from ants to rodents. But when it comes to businesses – especially the education sector – failure to manage pests and remain compliant under certain government rules and regulations can lead to severe penalties.

How Goode Pest Control can help

If you are responsible for ensuring your campus grounds are adhering to health and safety codes, then it is in your best interest that you keep pests under control by hiring a pest management service provider who has experience in the field. At Goode Pest Control, we have a collective sum of over 50 years of industry knowledge, and we’ve been providing pest management services to both commercial and residential properties for over 17 years.

As part of our services, we have ensured we’re extensively qualified to provide our pest management solutions for a range of different businesses, and we are HACCP accredited and AQIS compliant, which means we know how to manage pest problems while causing minimum impact to the operations and welfare of your business.

Because we are a commercial pest management service provider, we don’t just come in once and handle pests; we arrange a continuing and dedicated pest management schedule so that we can keep unwanted pests out of your premises, regardless of how big it is.

In addition to continuing support, we also provide our clients with a password protected online portal through our website where they can view the progress of our pest management for their business, as well as having access to a range of helpful documentation they can provide to health and safety inspectors and auditors to prove they’re up to code.


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