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Eyelash Extension Tweezers Tools – What Are The Tools?

LASHGAME proudly presents its newest innovation, the Lash Library–a sleek storage solution for all your lash needs, ready to revolutionise the salon experience!

As technicians, we have seen it all–working from cupboards, trolleys or cardboard boxes has been the norm for many techs over the years. We believe that lash technicians deserve a storage case designed specifically for THEM. The LASHGAME Lash Library streamlines the salon routine, giving you the chance to organise your lashes for days and even weeks in advance.

There are different tools available to the individuals to fix the Lash extensions over eyes. The choosing of the correct one requires some skills and intelligence of the people. The designing of the lashes is great to have more benefits and the charges are reasonable for the users.

Each technician and salon has different challenges, so our product allows you to play to your strengths and simplify the day! Our Lash Library contains 21 specially designed individual palettes, which slot neatly away for easy storage. Made of a light but durable plastic, the palettes are clearly labelled and engineered to fit the maximum amount of extensions per box. The possibilities for these palettes are endless, with the box able to hold any length or curl without flattening or compromising the integrity of the extensions. The box is a product you can show off or store away, its minimalist black and gold motifs fitting perfectly into any salon decor. Our Lash Library is also dust-repellant, its glossy surface designed to complement your salon whilst protecting your lashes!

LASHGAME’s Lash Library is especially useful for a base of regular clients, allowing you to plan your day of lashing by pre-preparing their sizes–your routine becomes so much smoother when your lashes are ready to go! Easily carried and featuring a secure lid, the Lash Library is highly portable, perfect for home-based or on-the-go technicians. The instantly recognisable LASHGAME design is an assurance of quality for technicians and clients alike.


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