Man Spent 3 Days In Jail As The Police Misunderstood Cat Litter For Meth

Is it even possible to get arrested for having cat litter? This happened in Texas. The cat is not allowed to litter on the street and even if it does, the owner of the cat has to pick it up and put it in a proper dust bin or dump yard. This is how it should be done. In that case, it has to be put in a garbage bag and taken to the closest place to dump it away. They may need to put it in a bag and take it in their cars. This was quite common in the region and so was carrying drugs. Apparently, the colour and the texture of meth, a drug, was exactly like cat litter

A man named Ross Lebeau was caught and put in jail for 3 days for carrying cat litter. It is very common in Texas for police to stop and check the vehicle. This happened to Lebeau and him was carrying the litter of his cat in a bag. The cops thought it was methamphetamine, a potent stimulant for the central nervous system, and checked it. From the 2 basic tests, it was confirmed that the bag was filled with meth, though it was cat litter.

Lebeau tried to explain to the cops that it was just cat litter in the bag. He was trying to be honest but the cops did not listen to any of his explanations nor understood his situation. This was probably because the man had used the best cat litter box for odor control. Lebeau was immediately arrested and taken to jail. The cops were proud that they had stopped and caught drugs and have saved a lot of people. It took them nearly 3 days to test the contents of the bag. The man was in jail for these 3 days waiting to be proved innocent. Further tests were taken on it and then it was proved that there was no drug and that all of it was cat litter. The man was then released.

The man made no mistakes and just tried to get rid of his cat litter. By the time Lebeau was released, the news had spread all over the place. He lost his name in the region and his job. The man wanted the cops to clear his name and get a proper apology. He also wanted the police to do enough tests and checks before arresting someone. There were many such cases that happened in the region. Just like this, a woman was arrested and kept in jail as the cops misunderstood cotton candy for meth. This was worse as she was in jail for nearly 3 full months. The cops must have a better system to check drugs during such traffic stops. This can save a lot of innocent people from getting punished. Also, it is important for cat owners to have a proper cat litter box maintenance.


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