Know the steps involved in playing Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go was launched in 2016 and left an impressive expression on millions of players. With time, it has become one of the most popular games worldwide. The Niantic has introduced many great features to offer a world-class experience to players and introduced some ways to participate in community events easily. Pokémon Go has an amazing augmented reality, a combination of GPS and some fantastic dorky-cute graphics. Players who are not aware of Pokémon Go and haven’t played it yet must know what incredible fun it.

Everything you need to know on how to play Pokémon Go:

  • Download the app and create an account

To begin playing the trendiest Pokémon Go, you need first to install the app. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download the game and install it. Once you install it, you get the right to personalize your avatar and choose your first Pokémon. After creating an account, you get the option to choose the Pokémon from Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. This totally based on your personal preference on what to choose that is eye-catching and helps you win battles.

  • Go to Pokestops and Gyms 

After selecting your first Pokemon, now its time to choose the useful items from inventory to help you grasp more characters. There are mainly two ways to acquire the items in this game: collect all items by going to a Pokeshop or purchase the items with real cash. There is a pokemon go map in which all the Pokeshops are marked with blue indicators.

 If a player is in the range of Pokestops, then the indicator expands and displays the place’s image. You can click or swipe across the screen to interact with Pokeshop. Interacting will cause many items to float on your screen. To get the items, you need to click on them and get in your inventory. If you are in the way of Pokeshops and Gyms, feel free to spin them as they restock items in every five minutes. 

  • Locating Pokémon

The players keep on wandering in the neighborhood for Pokestops and Gyms, and they came across in search of Pokémon. In some areas, Pokémon become visible randomly while some pop up in only certain locations. The Nearby function helps to locate the creatures easily in your area. By locating it, you can click on Pokémon to track it, and furthermore, the game will provide you directions to the location of Pokémon. This game also has a feature known as Sightings that helps in providing hints through which you can find nearby Pokémon, but it doesn’t specify the exact location or direction. 

  • It is quite easy to catch Pokémon.

You only need to find a Pokémon; after finding it, you only need to interact with it. When they become friends and feel they are inside the ring, click on the Pokémon to kick off a battle. After this, a new screen will get an option when the action is to be done. As this is a mobile game, it uses actual surroundings as a backdrop to catch Pokémon. It is quite fun to catch Pokémon, and it is always recommended to turn off the AR feature. You can divert the Pokémon by throwing a Poke Ball actually to catch it. 

  • Complete investigation tasks

Once you catch the Pokémon and get aware of the Pokestops, you need to begin knocking out the investigation tasks. There are certain objectives like catching the Pokémon or making “Great” throws three in a row, and this will reward you high-quality items and a new Pokémon. You can get the new investigation tasks by spinning the Pokestops. These tasks are complex, no doubt, but will provide good knowledge of the working of the Pokémon Go. It would be best if you took full benefit from them. 

  • Must try Raid and Battle League

Other than catching Pokémon, there are many new and interesting things in the world of Pokémon Go. Recently, Go Battle League has been added that allows players to fight the battle in real-time. Your scores will be updated on the leader board and, once unlocked, get a chance to assemble the whole team of Pokémon. 


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