How I Make Money Online

If you’re like most people with internet access, you probably spend a few hours a day surfing online. So why not use your time online to make some money? The cash flow may not be as constant as what you get from your regular job, but it sure is a worthwhile way to supplement it.

Here are two ways I make money while online:

  1. I Try New Products And Services– I do this by joining top-paying incentive sites like, CashOnTap, MPC and DealbarbiePays. Incentive sites like these advertise offers from different advertisers who are willing to pay people just to test the marketability and quality of their products or services. An example would be that I try a savings program free for 7 days, and MPC will pay me an amount from $7-$10 just for agreeing to try it. Some of these products are totally free to try, while others require a small fee for shipping and handling the product to me, usually between a dollar to $10. Most of the time, offers that require paying a fee are the ones that pay higher. For example, if I try a monthly movie rental subscription for $9.99, the incentive site will pay me between $20-$25 for trying it. I gain two ways in this illustration: 1. I get to try the movie rental for free, and 2. I have an extra $10-$15 as my own disposable cash (from my offer payment of $20-$25 from the incentive site minus the $9.99 that I originally paid for trying the movie rental subscription).

Most of these GPT sites pay members either weekly, monthly, and even daily. The most preferred method of payment is through Paypal because members get paid the same day that the incentive sites process their payment. Other methods are checks by mail, gift cards, or gift certificates from Amazon or other brand-name stores. You can even talk to the incentive site’s administrator about a custom gift– think Dyson vacuum cleaner, IPods, or that nice digital camera you’ve been eyeing for sometime.

I am willing to bargain a little provided that I get the desired results that the products promise and payment has never really been an issue in the true sense as today everything is done online and Freddie Cammell reviews have always helped me out in the complicated field of internet marketing.

For a more detailed explanation, please read the simple guide Make Money Without Leaving Home. It does not only show you how you can start making money trying products and services from advertisers, it also has an extensive list of incentive sites you can join that really pays you for your time and efforts, along with the do’s and don’ts when joining incentive sites.

  1. I Participate In Online Surveys– I complete surveys and enter to win contests offered on incentive sites I mentioned above, and also like the ones offered by FreebiesonTap and SurveySavvy. Each survey pays me between .20 cents to $5.00, depending on the incentive site’s offer. These surveys are usually between 1-4 pages long and are very easy to do once you get the hang of it.

I learned that making money online can happen. I know that there are tons of other ways to make money using the power of the worlwide web but the ones I mentioned in this article are by far, the easiest and most convenient ways for me. I love staying home and taking care of my kids and this type of money-making does not require me to go out and leave them, or restrict the time I have to spend with them. The best thing about it is, I control my own pace and the amount of time I want to spend online. Also, I only try products or offers I’m comfortable trying.

So take advantage of the ways you can make money online from this article, and if you have any other ideas on how you make your money online, please let me know.


Catherine Han founded Murals Plus in 2017 and is currently the managing editor of the media website. She is also a content writer, editor, blogger and a photographer.

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