Health Gadgets That Will Help You Lose Weight

It’s a great time today for geeks who want to lose weight as so many companies are releasing gear that help you eat and move better to become a fitter and slender nerd. So here is a list of the top 7 gadgets that can help you lose weight the cool way.

 The Fit bit is a pedometer that keeps track of your daily movements and uploads the data to the internet to unlock achievements and create challenges. It turns your daily activities into a giant game and you can share your info with social networks, challenge groups or go solo too.

 It can also track vertical movements or the number of stairs you climb and tracks your sleep to see if you get a good night’s sleep. While battery charge lasts forever, it’s so small you may worry about losing it. The health problems are reduced when a person learn more here at the website to boost the testosterone. The sleeping of the night is effective with the availability of the correct information. The boosting of the health is there with the testosterone booster. 

Jawbone UP is a UP you wear around your wrist like a bracelet to track your movement. When you sleep it uploads your data to your iPhone using the UP app which then spits out charts and graphs of your activity which inspires you to do more. A great feature is that you can set it to vibrate when it detects you have been sedentary for a controlled amount of time. Another great feature of the gadget is that you can use it as sleep alarm.

The Witlings Wi-Fi Body scale not only tells you your weight, but also gives a rough estimate of your body fat percentage and calculates your Body Mass Index. This info is then wirelessly sent to the web to track and share with other people.

 As the scale works with various other 3rd party devices, it’s one of the best looking scales in the market. Though pricey, a maximum of 8 people can use it, which makes it worth it.

The Tread Desk If you are one of those who spends lots of time at the desk doing practically nothing, and wish for something to add some movement to your everyday routine, your wish has come true. It gives you an easy way to walk while you do your work at the computer.

 It is a reasonably small treadmill that can be easily set up. It is rather quiet and comfortably fits under your Geek Desk. You can thus surf the net, watch Netflix to make time pass quickly or even do your writing work while you get your daily dose of exercise. The only drawback of this gadget is its price and the shipping costs that come with it. However if you consider the many health benefits it offers you, it makes it well worth it. The benefits of increases testosterone are more when the selection of the best product is there. The shipping costs of the products are not charged with the people to meet with the requirements. The preparation of the budget can be there to spend at the product.

The Geek Desk is great for those who spend so much time with studies. This is very damaging to your body and urges you to buy a standing desk; however it is also not possible for everyone to stand all day.

 This is where the Geek Desk helps you as it is a simple motorized desk that lets you stand or sits to do your work as you want. Some models also come in various heights so that you need not mess around looking for the right level to do your work in the office and at home.

The Fit Desk helps turn your daily web surfing habit into a healthy activity. It is a compact stationary bike that has a foam desk attachment to hold a laptop to work on while you peddle away. You can choose between a full version and a version that turns your existing bike into a Fit Desk. While compact in size, its build quality is not that impressive.

Autum is a cute personal weight loss robot coach which you can seat at your countertop. She keeps on asking questions about your daily food intake and exercise which you input through her belly’s touch screen.

 With this information, she creates customized suggestions to make you eat healthy and move more, all with words of encouragement. All this is done with the intention of creating an emotional bond with Atom which in turn helps her motivate you.

 Not only do you have to pay for the robot, you also have to pay for a subscription for updates. This ensures she is kept updated with current information which in turn gives you fresh conversations. She also supports commercially available diet plans or you can customize one for yourself, which can also be used by many people in the house.


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