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Hand Reflexology for Treating Nasal Problems

The next time you develop a cold, streaming nose, or rhinitis try this simple on the spot hand reflexology method to ease up the symptoms, until you are able to get homeopathic, herbal, or any natural remedy to soothe you. You may not have access, to any natural or even conventional medicines and need instant relief.


Rhinitis inflammation of the nasal tissues may either be caused by an infection or by an allergy. It is the most common illness in the United States. Symptoms of rhinitis take effect when outdoor allergens, (air borne tree, grass  amp; weed, pollens or mold) or indoor allergens, (mold, droppings from dust mites  amp; cockroach particles) are breathed in. Blocked, or stuffed up noses associated with allergic rhinitis, or hay fever can be relieved with hand reflexology. The goal is to strengthen the digestive system to improve the functioning of the immune system, also restore balance and harmony to the body so that it ceases to over react.

Allergic Reaction

Work the entire digestive system, concentrating on the liver, stomach and intestinal areas. Work on the spleen to stimulate immunity and reduce stress levels. Basically massage or knead with pressure using your left thumb on the right palm on the left hand. Use your right thumb to work gently into the hand, you will be guided by the sore feeling you may get from this area of the body that isn’t working properly.


The membrane lining the sinuses in the face may become inflamed; more than likely due to viral infection in many people this occurs after a cold. The symptoms are a stuffy nose, and painful throbbing in the affected area. Reflexology Treatment- The aim of treatment is to reduce inflammation. Begin by directly working the sinuses, and then work other areas of the face.

Working the Sinuses

Work the right hand first, using the left thumb to massage reflex points down the length of the thumb and the all the fingers. When treating your own hand it is easier to do by starting at the tips of the thumb and fingers. Then repeat the same movement on the opposite hand The bottom line for sinus relief is massaging fingers and down in between finger joints, with pressure you can do this at any given or any place with instant relief. This is also the advice of the medical experts in rhinoplasty in Michigan. According to them, working the sinuses is really helpful in providing treatment to your nasal problems.

Working the Face

Use your left thumb to work across the right thumb, starting right below the fingernail. Go across the thumb from top to bottom using pressure and gliding your opposite thumb across the other and then proceed on right thumb using left thumb to perform the same action.

Tip#- A natural herb to help along with reflexology treatments Sinus X Chi – a safe natural herbal decongestant, used o help open up nasal passage, loosen thick phlegm, clear congestion, reduce inflammation and soothe irritation.


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