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Can You Fix Plumbing Issues Yourself

The modern household is a symphony of different pipes, drains, elbows, valves, and other plumbing fixtures. With so many pieces of plumbing in your house, chances are the something will go wrong, despite how new you house is. It could be a clogged sink, a drain that backs up, bad water pressure, or any other issue that gives you a headache. A lot us have a do-it-yourself attitude when it comes to chores around the house, but should you be messing with your plumbing or should you leave it to an expert.

Can You Fix Plumbing Issues Yourself?

As we said earlier, your home’s plumbing is a complicated series made of varying elements so answering this question with a yes or no is complicated. Anything overtly complicated or a serious problem should always be left to a professional like due the consequences if you don’t get everything correct. That being said, here are some common household plumbing issues that many homeowners can fix themselves. Everyone’s house and skill level is different but these common issues can likely be fixed by utilizing reliable websites and patience.

Note: Though these are basic problems and can likely be fixed without a professional, you should still be cautious. If you are ever unsure or not comfortable with a fix, just call your local plumber to have the issue resolved without worry.

Common Household Plumbing Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Dripping sink or tap

  • Mostly Likely Cause: Valve seat, washer, or O-ring has become compromised.
  • How to Fix: Replace the damaged part.

Cycling or constantly “running” toile

  • Mostly Likely Cause: Part within toilet’s tank such as the flapper valve is damaged.
  • How to Fix: Open the tank, find the damaged part and replace it. Big box home improvement stores offer toilet repair kits that make this a breeze.

Drains backing up, slow drains, clogged drains

  • Most Likely Cause: Clogged pipe
  • How to Fix: Use a commercial drain cleaner, if that doesn’t work, contact your local plumber.

Low water pressure

  • Mostly Likely Cause: Accumulation of debris and minerals in aerators and shower heads.
  • How to Fix: Remove aerator or shower head, soak in vinegar overnight to dissolve minerals, replace.

Always use reliable websites written by actual plumbers or plumbing experts as your guide. Before you know it, you’ll be fixing common problems left and right.


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