Apple Presents All Women With a Brand New Challenge On International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, brands all around the world have found out new ways to celebrate this wonderful event. Apple too has added a brilliant new challenge to its Apple Watch for all the women out there. So, what’s this challenging all about? This Women’s Day, Apple has brought a new challenge, upon completing which the participants will receive a virtual trophy and quirky animated stickers!

What’s the challenge all about?

According to sources, the users will be able to see the new challenge from 8th of March. In order to participate in this challenge, you will need to have an Apple watch and it is essential to complete a workout for at least 20 minutes on International Women’s Day. Users are free to choose their desired workout. It can be a 20 minute swimming session or a 20 minute run. You have to make sure that the workout is on track via the Workout app or the Health app.

For the best results you can use Apple watch series 5 bands or above and Apple will reward all the users who complete this task. You are going to receive a virtual trophy as soon as you complete the task. Along with the trophy, you can unlock 5 different animated stickers which are usable on iMessage or FaceTime. You’ll be glad to know that the stickers can be used on any other app that supports iMessage stickers.

Each of these stickers are exclusively curated for all the women who are going to complete the challenge. The challenge was first declared as a part of the brand’s overall Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day celebration. Apple Watch owners received the notification on their watches. It notified them about the date, details and rewards that were associated with this simple challenge. This limited edition challenge is going to let the Apple users get access to wonderful stickers.

What are the rewards for the challenge?

The most exciting prospect of every challenge is the reward that comes with it. With this International Women’s Day challenge, Apple is going to reward the users with a virtual trophy and 5 animated stickers. The trophy is a two tone circular badge and has a purple outer ring with the inner circle pink in color. The 2021 marking looks very attractive and the zero forms the edge of the entire inner circle.

Along with the trophy, the users are also going to get 5 animated stickers. What do these stickers include? – you will get a female gender symbol, woman in a wheelchair, two women in different skin tones, & 2021 sticker. As we already mentioned, all the stickers can be used in apps that support iMessage Stickers.

Final Words –

Apple has a great track record of hosting different challenges on special events and it is true even this time. As a part of showing their love and dedication towards the welfare of women, Apple is also highlighting other services that are beneficial for women. They have also added a brand new highlight that includes all the apps made by women.


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