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For Beginners, Here Are The Finest Minecraft Servers

With thousands of Minecraft servers open for users to join, it can’t be easy, if not impossible, for newcomers to locate the appropriate server to play on. The greatest Minecraft servers for new users to improve, whether it’s skyblock, prison, or survival, are those with possibly the best instructions and tutorials. A Minecraft server’s ecosystem is another feature that makes it ideal for novices. The best servers for younger players almost often feature a large and helpful group of volunteers who manage, administrate, and generally assist players with their day-to-day needs.

Purple Prison IP.

Purple Jail is one of the most popular Minecraft prison servers, with a wealth of tutorials and tips to assist novice players. In terms of usability, the server tries to avoid overcomplicating things needlessly. This is to accommodate folks who may not have previously encountered the Minecraft prison game mode.

CubeCraft Games IP.

CubeCraft Games is a prominent Minecraft plc control server with thousands of players online at any given time. Several excellent mini-games are available on the server, all of them are created so that people can quickly learn how to play and jump right in. CubeCraft also welcomes players from various language regions, with multiple chat layer is connected to communicating in languages other than English. IP.

The Diamond server was built (and is being maintained) by the creator of the extremely popular Minecraft Skyblock plugin, which is credited with inventing the game mode’s rules. is a terrific alternative for gamers new to the Skyblock genre, or even new to Minecraft in general, for various reasons. The extraordinary nine-year server uptime, during which gaming has been meticulously developed and improved, is one of the most convincing examples.

Safe Survival IP.

Safe Survival can be a hidden gem for players looking for a simplistic survival server with few plugins. Safe survival, despite its lack of popularity, is very welcoming to new players and was created with those unfamiliar with Minecraft in mind. The server was founded in 2015, however it has maintained up to date for every version of Minecraft since then. Safe Surviving is a semi-vanilla death server with sadness land claim all players and the “keep inventory” parameter enabled in terms of gameplay. For those who are unaware, each of these which had Ubuntu’s survival much easier, and are especially well suited to newcomers to the game.

Mineplex IP.

Mineplex is another massive Minecraft server, but not as popular as it previously was. Mineplex is still exercising its biceps as one of the largest Minecraft servers to ever exist, albeit now being eight years old. Mineplex has a wide variety of Minigames to choose from, with some of the most popular titles includes Block Hunt, Survive games, Speed Builders, Skywars, Cake Wars, Sketch Thing, and many more. Mineplex’s games, like those on most other plc control venues, are simple to learn yet difficult to master. So what are you waiting for? Go now and get minecraft free account.


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