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What Is The Truth Of The Shincheonji Church Of Jesus?

Shincheonji church is the one that has been and is still in the news for a lot of mysterious beliefs. But if you read this article, it will be easy to get to know the point of view of what it is. With the help of different people who have been at this church and became members, we got the information to give to our readers. 

When something starts to become famous, and people start talking about it, there is a possibility that there can be a lot of truths and lies about a place. Don’t worry or go through the hassle of going to get the info by yourself, because here, we have all the info about the myths and truths!

Things that people say about it!

  • People think that the ones that are related or connected to the Shincheonji church are the ones that have no information about the bible, and they are just brainwashed. Also, they think that the teachings they get at this place are false, and it is not true and related to Jesus. 
  • They think that this place is the one that seems too good to be true. This depicts that the things that they show are not true, and there is no such thing as doing good for society.
  • The thing that we get to hear about this place is that they make the members leave all behind, no matter it is their family or relationship or even school. 
  • People say that this place advertises them as something else and is something else. Like they want to have as many preachers as they can have in the place.
  • Now, it is something that we hear a lot. They say that Shincheonji is not a church but a cult that makes the people stay at the place and never leave the place. It is like they bound these people to be there no matter what.

These are the things that people say about the church, but let’s hear what is true about the place by the person who has actually been there. 

The truth about this church!

  • The church teaches its members all about the bible, and it is not like some Sunday summer school. This particular place makes their members learn and know the holy book’s contents for a year, and then they let them be members of the place. So the allegation about the place teaching false info is so not true. 
  • The members of this church volunteer a lot, and it is really not the normal amount. When it comes to doing the good deed for others, they are always there standing as the frontiers and giving as much as they can.
  •  Suppose the people say that the church doesn’t want their preachers to be with their families and give them their all. Then it is untrue because they always emphasize family values. No matter it is about the relationships or family or work life, they want their members to do their best in all the aspects possible. 
  • The church follows the teachings and the preaching of Jesus and tries its members to become as knowledgeable as they can. It is all about the person who wants to get the info and want to learn it all. It is never like they ask them to be there only and advertise themselves to get more and more members.
  • The thing about this church being a cult is also not true, as the person can leave when they want to with no questions asked at all. 


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