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Trim Your Mowing Times with Zero Turn Mowers

For several years, professional design contractors have used Zero Turn Mowers to create a manicured-looking lawn in the most productive way possible. You definitely are, if it seems like you’re spending far too much time mowing your lawn. Upgrading to a Zero-Turn Mower is one of the easiest ways to eliminate time off your weekly tasks. The good news is that you have come to learn about them in the right place. More good news is that the correct ZTM will minimize your mow time by around 40 percent on average, according to our experts at TriGreen Equipment, while also significantly enhancing the look of your lawn.

Mulching your yard on the zero-turn model of a rival when mowing can turn into an all-day affair. Second, you have to transform your mowers into specialized mulching mowers with mulch kits that allow you to actually alter equipment and get out your supplies. This can take up to 40 minutes by itself! John Deere provides complimentary manure control and mulch on-demand kits; all you have to do is turn a switch from the convenience of your seat to initiate mulch-on-demand.

There are a variety of different attachments that add to the zero turn mowers’ flexibility. By using one of the many attachments built for zero turn mowers, you can bag clippings, transportation materials or even clear snow. A bagging system for collecting grass clippings is by far the most common attachment. For zero turn mowers, there are several bagger options available, including two- and three-bucket styles. Powered baggers have a powered blower propelled by a belt that drives grass into the bags. Promotional baggers use a lever to tilt the collector from the seat so that you do not have to get off the machine to spill clippings. All these things are mounted to the frame at the rear of the machine. Weight kits or mount kits can be required for some to install. A number of rear accessories, including a dump cart, spreader, plug aerator, lawn dethatcher, roller or sprayer, can be accommodated by zero turn mowers. For these attachments, some zero turn mowers may require you to add a hitch, while others may come with a hitch as usual.

Without cracking a sweat, you can navigate a Zero-Turn around obstacles like trees, fence posts and flower beds. Not only does this mean less trimmer time, it means less overall time without having to back up, change your items or your mower’s angle or risk scraping because zero-turn mowers are so fuel efficient. Usually, zero turn mowers would cost more than a standard lawn tractor. Part of the extra expense is due to the fact that a zero turn mower has two hydrostatic transmissions instead of one in a lawn tractor. In contrast to lawn tractors, zero turn mowers generally have larger motors, larger decks, heavier frames and, overall, more steel in their construction. If an upgrade is planned for your old lawn tractor, now might be the time to invest in zero-turn technology to help you optimize your budget for lawn maintenance. For more info, visit


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