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Signs Of Marijuana Abuse – Learn About The Signs

Before you begin the important step of seeking for treatment for marijuana abuse, you must acknowledge the problem. This is easier said than done, however, because not every addict understands what it means to abuse the drug. Here are a few signs that can point to a marijuana abuse problem.

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Spending a lot of time getting high

If a substantial amount of your time is used in activities related to smoking weed, then you are addicted to the substance. This might mean spending a lot of time getting high or trying to get your hands on some more of the drug. It might also mean waiting for a time to get high (or creating an opportune moment!). If you or one of your loved ones exhibit these signs, then you should seek help.

Having tolerance for, and withdrawal from the drug

After smoking pot for some time, you will develop tolerance for it. Tolerance means you will have to use the drug in increasing amounts to experience the same high as before. At the same time, you will begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms for the drug. The withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, loss of appetite, irritability among other things.

Ignoring daily responsibilities

You obviously have your daily responsibilities, and you should be very concerned when you start shirking them. This is because if you are psychologically addicted to cannabis, you can easily neglect your daily responsibilities. Addicts tend to ignore their responsibilities because they are too busy getting high.

Ignoring problems associated with marijuana use

You know you are addicted to cannabis when you recognize the problems it gives you but you still use it. A good example is when getting high is causing you work problems, and you have been warned about it. If you are still using the drug after such a warning, then it obviously means that you are abusing the drug. That kind of self-sabotage is not likely to be exhibited by casual users.

Relying on the drug for specific tasks

You should know you are abusing cannabis if you need it to be able to complete some of your normal tasks. If you can only feel relaxed or energized after smoking weed, then you are clearly depending on the drug – rather than your own abilities to relax or energize you. Though marijuana use leads to a sense of relaxation, the Office of National Drug Control Policy has said that there have been numerous other problems deemed connected to smoking pot.

Basing your relationships

You should be worried if you are choosing your friends and associates based on whether they can lead you to getting high. You will realize this is happening when you only hang out with those who use pot, you only attend events where pot is used and you talk about it incessantly. You will also realize that you are only patronizing clubs that allow patrons to smoke pot.

Exceeding your intended usage

If you constantly exceed your pot usage limit, then you are abusing the drug. For example, if you set a target of half a joint per day, and you smoke the whole joint or more, you are abusing the drug. In these situations, you will likely keep on telling yourself that you could have stopped if you wanted.


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