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Physical Therapy- Helping You Cope With Your Lower Back Pain Issues 

Back pain is something most adults have gone through some time or the other. Sometimes it goes away as it had appeared but sometimes the pain persists and it is time to take medical help and the doctor will most probably refer you to a physical therapist.  The physical therapy in NJ provides you with the best physical therapy programs and solutions for your aches and pains. 

How to deal with your lower back pain?

Lower back pain can be very hard to endure. You just won’t be able to do any activities because even a small movement can give you excruciating pain. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce your pain and give your normal life back to you so that you can go about your business without any complications. A physical therapy program has two main components:

  1. The first is to reduce the pain so that it becomes more manageable and help you get back to your normal routine
  2. They help you do active exercises that can help relieve the tension in your back

The physical therapist will help you with the following exercises that will help in lower the pain and getting the muscle flexibility back:

  • Stretching muscle exercises
  • Strengthening muscle exercises
  • Low impact aerobic exercises etc.

With these simple activities and exercises, your back muscle will gain strength and become flexible. With continuous therapy, you can get long term benefit. Studies show that physical therapy can be of great help in making your lower back pain vanish if it is not caused by some serious other internal problems.

Causes of lower back pain

Several reasons cause severe lower backache and some of them are given below:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle or ligament strain
  • Awkward movements may give muscle spasm
  • Rigorous exercise or workouts in the gym
  • Lifting heavy objects etc

All the above reasons and many more can give you acute pain in your lower back and this should not be neglected because it may affect your way of life considerably. 

Why do doctors recommend physical therapy for aches and pains?

It is no surprise that physical therapy helps people of all ages and many medical conditions. Doctors normally recommend patients to a physical therapist if the aches and pains are not a cause of any underlying condition. A proper physical therapy in NJ will provide you with comprehensive physical therapy care to patients near and in New Jersey. The main reason doctors recommend physical therapy is to reduce your pain and help you get back to your normal routine.

A trained physical therapist can get you into a proper routine that includes exercises and pain-relieving methods and also stretching and relaxation exercises. All these will help you bounce back to your normal self if given some time and patience. For 100% results, you need to follow the routine that your therapist has designed for you. 

Book your appointment today

The more time you take to consult a physical therapist the more time it will take to heal. So it better to act fast and get your appointment today for a leading physical therapist so that the therapist can put you on a schedule as soon as possible and get your life back on track.


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