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Pest Control Across Multiple Sites

But what if your business is run across multiple sites and you are in charge of each of these sites? What happens when not just one site faces a pest problem, but a number of them do? When this occurs, it means you’ll need to find a way to keep these multiple sites under control.

In today’s blog, we’re going to offer advice on two chief means that you can employ to achieve this, which are:

Set-up pest manaement guidelines across all sites Consolidate your pest management services

We want to point out that both of these approaches we’ll be discussing should not be an either/or situation. Ideally, you will be aiming to have these two approaches complementing each other. Now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at both.

Set-up pest management guidelines across all sites

If a pest problem has been identified across multiple sites of your business, then what you need to do is ensure that you have internal pest management guidelines in place. When we talk about this, we do not mean you should be handling the pests yourself, but rather you should have a system of preventative measures in place.

For example, if you’re facing a rodent infestation, a preventative measure that could be taken may include sealing off possible entry and exit points that these rodents could be using. You’d be surprised by how many small gaps and holes your property could potentially have that rodents and other pests are utilising as a means of coming and going as they please.

When trying to manage such issues across multiple sites, the key to successful pest management guidelines is to educate all of your staff across each site of what their response plan should be to a pest problem. By taking the time out to educate your staff and inform them of the appropriate procedures, it’ll make it far easier for them to employ these management strategies if an issue does occur. If you prefer, a member of the Goode Pest Control team will be happy to talk to your staff to increase their awareness of pest management procedures.

It’s important to remember that you should not performing any pest management tasks that are beyond your knowledge. In other words, you should not be performing the tasks of a pest management professional. You should simply be educating and implementing logical preventative steps. Once these are taken care of, you then need to focus on the second approach to stopping pests across your sites.

Consolidate your pest management services

Another thing you’ll want to do is hire the services of a professional pest management service provider to handle the pest management needs of each of your sites. The issue with having a number of different pest control companies handling different sites of your business is that the information is coming from multiple sources, and keeping all of the relevant progress of their pest management efforts to each of your individual sites can become needlessly confusing.

Well, many house owners do hire professionals for the job especially when it comes to pest control as novices can’t be hired for killing pests in the house, which in any case is a tough task to undertake because when you are living in a house with zothexflooring.com floorings then it is bound to be tough to manage.

That’s why you should ideally aim to have your entire pest management needs handled by one pest control company. At Goode Pest Control, we offer this option to our clients who run multiple sites within Brisbane or throughout the state/country. As part of our pest management services, we can consolidate all of the relevant information in regards to our pest management efforts for your multiple sites into a single point of control.

Through our client portal via our website, you can view the progress of all our pest management programmes across each site your company runs. We will also keep your readily updated and arrange an ongoing treatment and prevention plan to ensure that your sites stay open and running efficiently. We are both HACCP and AQIS accredited, meaning we are trained in the appropriate procedures in regards to food safety and quarantine standards. All products we use are non-toxic and we live by a guarantee: If the pests return, so do we!


Catherine Han founded Murals Plus in 2017 and is currently the managing editor of the media website. She is also a content writer, editor, blogger and a photographer.