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Patterned Leggings For Women

Do you get tired of people saying what you should or should not wear due to your age? ME TOO! I say wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself! For instance, I love wearing patterned leggings for women. How should leggings be worn? Does age matter when wearing leggings? Are leggings a style to wear as casual or work? I will answer those questions and more.

Why Patterned Leggings

Patterned leggings look great in my opinion on any body type. I have a pear shape body type. I do not like to emphasize my shape at all because that is just how I feel. If you have ever tried wearing leggings you know they are very form-fitting. The patterns on leggings are fun and I think to camouflage my shape.

The leggings should be made of thicker material. Plus the correct size needs to be worn. The cheaper thin quality leggings or wrong size end up being see-through and cheaply made. They are not flattering. They will end up showing every flaw or dimple. And most of the time show a person’s underwear.

Patterns can be anything like an actual design of something such as floral. But it can also be stripes, camo, or textured. The more obvious patterns are those with actual designs which to me are way more flattering.

How I Wear Leggings

Like I have said before I do not like to emphasize my pear shape. So I like coverage when I wear leggings. I wear patterned leggings with a long sweatshirt or sweater that at the very least cover my hips.

I have recently purchased some fun patterned leggings and a zip-up sweatshirt material jacket I found in the activewear section. I wear a cami which is a color that matches the leggings underneath my active jacket. This jacket is the type I can wear as my shirt. I add my fuzzy boots for a fun winter cozy look.

Quality Leggings

As I mentioned before make sure the leggings are quality and thicker material. This makes them flattering and washes well. I can not stand poor quality clothing that does not wash and wear well. Or the clothing when after the first wash you might as well throw away. It is a waste of money even if they are cheap, to begin with. Might as well spend a little more to get the better quality. This is why I would recommend the Best 10 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the UK that will provide you with quality clothing according to your needs.

I have found a brand of leggings that are considered more of the athletic kind. They are not thin. Just because they are athletic does not mean you have to wear them for exercise. It just means they are made of better quality and stretchy material.

The Debate About Leggings

I have heard it said several times that leggings are not meant to be worn as pants. Everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinion. But I have to say the right leggings can be worn as pants. Leggings are comfortable. The right quality and patterned leggings can look amazing on anyone.

Age does not matter when it comes to leggings. I am 46 years old. I wore leggings in my 20s and I am now wearing leggings again. This is an awesome winter look with long jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts! I also wear my leggings with a denim button-up shirt dress. I definitely recommend buying a pair to try.

Legging for Casual or Work

Another question is should leggings be worn for only casual or can they be worn in a more professional setting? It all depends on the leggings and what is worn with them.

A nice patterned pair of leggings can be dressed up with a long work blouse, skirt, long sweater, or dress. So I think if the dress code is business casual a person can certainly wear leggings to work with other appropriate attire.

Most of the time leggings are casual. They look great with sweatshirts, jackets, casual sweaters, and long shirts. Leggings can add flair to an outfit and be worn in good taste.

Where to Buy

I found my leggings at Maurices. The brand I like is Maurices inMotion. Like I said before they are athletic leggings. The first pair I bought was on clearance. They are maroon with large gray and black floral design. The next pair I bought was from their Spring collection but the same brand. They still work for the winter and are just as thick. They are a dark navy with lighter colored small floral pattern. These were the regular price for $29.

I am sure there are other places to buy leggings. Just make sure they are of good quality, thicker, and if possible athletic material. And remember patterned leggings are adorable. They can hide what I do not necessarily like to show.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Tell me what do you think about wearing leggings? Would you own a pair if they were quality ones? Do you like this style? Please share your thoughts and comments with me below. I would love to hear what you think.


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