How To Be Confident Around Women?

In the past, I used to be very shy… In fact, excessively shy to the extent that when a beautiful woman looked at me, I got confused and I did not know the reason. I really wanted to be confident around women and with women especially those prettier ones because I felt like I am a little bit more confident around women with bad-to-normal looks than the case of more beautiful women.

Whenever i saw a beautiful woman, I was feeling tongue-tied, my hands sweat and my heart beats were going very fast… I could not say the simplest things or ask the easiest questions like “what is the time now?”!!

In fact, all the pickup lines will never work for you, if this is your case.

Try to memorize 1000 pickup lines and you will never proceed a bit. And you will feel like that you are the problem not the pickup lines themselves because you can see other men use the same lines you use and achieve way better results than yours. So you start doubting yourself, your look, your style or whatever, and forget about the core reason behind this failure with women… It is called “Low Self Confidence around pretty women”

Why do you fear beautiful women? Do you?!!

I was talking to myself and asking why I feel those feelings whenever I see a beautiful woman whether in physical or online like

And i kept asking myself this question: If I really like her, so why I feel like I fear her?!!

After a few years, I discovered the secret, which is I was not really fearing her, I was fearing her rejection. Period.

Everyone cares most of all about himself at the first place, so unconsciously trying to protect myself and my ego, I was afraid if she says something like “I do not like you” or “you are not my type, but we can be friends”

That was the thing that kept me from approaching beautiful women and being unsuccessful when dealing with them.

It is believed that people who are attractive are considered more powerful than normal people.. think about it.. beautiful women have more value than you when it comes to looks, right?

So you feel a lower value to them which leads to giving them more respect than they actually deserve.

How to be confident around women?

When you perceive yourself as a lower value than beautiful women, you start pleasing them instead of attracting them which makes you appear needy and insecure. And it also gives them the chance to disrespect or belittle you which confirm your doubts about yourself that you are of a lower value than them and you will be so lucky if this princess agrees to be your wife or even just your girlfriend!!

So, you start telling them “hey, I am someone of a lower value than you because you are beautiful and I am not or this is at least what I think” and then she responds by something like “of course I will never date an unconfident man” by telling you “Well, let’s just be friends”.

As you can see, you are the one who starts, so your actions are the reason behind this miserable life… the way you glorify beautiful women is actually what makes you un confident around them.

Now, all what you should do to overcome your fear of beautiful women and your fear of them rejecting you is to just put them in their normal places..

Yes, she may be beautiful, or even gorgeous or very beautiful, but that does not give her more an overall value than you, right?

Wake up! This beautiful girl is nothing more than another chick, she is a normal human not anything more and she is exactly as insecure as you! Welcome to the real world!!

You have to understand that there is a big difference between her value when it comes to looks and her overall value. We cannot deny that she is really beautiful but is she smarter than you? stronger than you? richer than you? more stylish than you??

If your answer to most of the questions is yes, then YES, her overall value is higher than yours and in such a case you have to work on yourself rather than shying away and remaining the same person you hate.

So, do not wait and start working on your looks i.e. lose your extra weight or build some muscles if you are skinny. Get another job or start your own business to be rich. Build your self confidence and increase your self esteem if you are not that bold and confident enough.

And while you are working on yourself, stay confident because you will not be the same person tomorrow as long as you are working on yourself.


Catherine Han founded Murals Plus in 2017 and is currently the managing editor of the media website. She is also a content writer, editor, blogger and a photographer.