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How is synthetic urine helpful for us? Check out some best products of synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is a kind of urine that is made up of using some chemicals, and it looks precisely like urine. This is made up by different countries for people so that they can use it. These are basically used for not getting caught by police by giving them urine tests. Police take a urine test on a regular basis to find if someone is taking drugs or not. You can get a police check on your job, or anywhere you go. So, the people who are habitual of any kind of drugs can use it to save themselves from getting caught by police. This is also made up for some other purposes, but the main purpose is to save yourself.

 A lot of companies are there in the market which makes synthetic urine for people’s use. All of them are usually the same, but there are differences in the quality of Best Synthetic Urine brands. Making the exact thing like urine is a difficult task, and every company is not able to do that. However, some of them have got success in doing so. Let’s discuss the products of those companies, which have been considered as the best. 

  • Quick Luck premixed Synthetic urine

This is on the top of our list, and it has been chosen as the best fake pee. The product has high realistic consistency and gravity. The company makes this product premixed for its customers. The product includes some kind of heat source in it also. The product is not all artificial; it contains original urine in it also. This means the product is a mix of artificial and original urine, and the traces can never get you caught by the police or anyone else. One thing that you need to take care of is that this product expires very shortly and you have to buy a new one after this product expires. 

  • Clear Choice Incognito Belt

This product is considered the best overall synthetic urine kit. The product is made up of different compounds, including natural urine compounds as well. You will find perfect pH balance and consistency in this kit. The kit comes with a guide also, and you can read it to know that how to use it; however, it is easy to use. The product has a built-in heat source as well, which makes it stay for a long time. This product has only one disadvantage, that is, it has a short shelf life. 

  • Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

The product is known for being the best synthetic pee formulation. It has a great consistency which means it can last up for so long, and the particles live in it for an extended period of time. The product includes organic pee compounds along with artificial compounds and chemicals. The product is a premixed one, and you just have to use it after opening the packing. A good and dedicated heat source is included in this product which is helpful for the particles to get a hold on for a longer time. The price of this product is very reasonable, and it is cheaper than all the other leading synthetic urine brands. These features make this product different from other products, and that is why it is considered the best one. However, there is only one demerit of this product is that you cannot store it for so long.


Synthetic urine is a very useful thing for people who want to save themselves from getting caught. They can show this to the audit and can save themselves. A shortlist of the best products has been discussed above, which are Quick Luck premixed Synthetic urine, Clear Choice Incognito Belt, and Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine.


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