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Hero Electric And Ebike GO Tie Up To Enhance Last Minute Delivery Logistics

There are a lot of many concerns that various industries are facing. One such concern is not polluting the environment. As more and more businesses are setting up, and more people are using automobiles run on petrol and diesel, pollution is pretty high. Another concern that is affecting the businesses is time management. These days, the world is running at high speed, as people are in a hurry, and the delivery of services needs to match up the speed.

Now, these two problems are one of the biggest concerns in logistics and transportation. They are using vehicles that run on petrol and diesel, and also the concern about time all the time. Therefore, to manage these two concerns, new solutions are being cooked up. One such recent development to curb this problem is shown by Hero Electric.

Hero Electric and eBike GO

In December 2020, two companies working on EV technology the Hero Electric and eBike GO, took to a partnership. The former will be delivering electric bikes to the eBike GO startup. This decision was taken to enhance the last minute delivery e-bicycle. As per the companies, they can bring onboard their EV technology and internet of things expertise to enhance the electric bikes and their performance. Hero Electric will be providing end to end service of the bikes as well. They are planning to enhance the delivery ecosystem with these bikes.

Last-minute delivery logistics

Here is a small gist of the idea for those who are not aware of the last minute delivery system. The last-minute delivery system is the delivery of products from the last product hub to the customer’s address. The faster the last minute delivery system, the more easily the brand can gain market share. People these days are looking for a faster delivery system. If a certain logistics system is not efficient enough, consumers don’t shy away from competitors. This is why retail marketing is taking such interest in omnichannel logistics and last minute delivery system.

Electric bikes and benefits

Some of the reasons why electric bikes can change the way last minute delivery system are:

  • Faster:

The electric bikes can be quite faster, as the chances of them getting stuck in traffic are less. This will save time and make the delivery system efficient.

  • Environmentally safe:

The electric bikes do not run on petrol or diesel. This makes these options cleaner as compared to others.

  • Healthy:

These bikes help deliver products faster and in less time, but it also boosts the health of the personnel, which can be a benefitting point for the company.

E-bikes will slowly gain a lot of momentum shortly because it is cheaper of an option than petrol and diesel-run automobiles. These bikes enhance eco-friendliness as well. This is the sole reason why Omnichannel retailing and logistics are using these e-bikes that are run on some of the best Internet of things features.


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