Best Tips And Tricks For Playing Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile can be a very complex game at times, with many mechanics and interactions that might be unknown to new and old players alike. Listed below are some tips and tricks on playing Lords Mobile afk or not. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Troops and combat mechanics

Your troops and forces are the most important factor for assaulting your opposition and protecting against your enemies. A properly trained force will deliver you wins after wins in Lords Mobile. Having said that, the troop system might overwhelm newer players because of its complexity. The combat mechanics in this game follows a rock paper scissors format. Basically speaking, infantry troops have an advantage against ranged troops, ranged troops is strong versus cavalry, while cavalry has an advantage over infantry. There are also siege troops, which are superior against fortifications and towers but countered by every other troop type in the game (infantry, cavalry, and ranged).

2. Upgrade Aquiris to adult as soon as you can

The sooner you unlock adult Aquiris, the easier your game will be. Aquiris provides more stamina, which is invaluable. Stamina will allow you to obtain more medals, progress the game more, and get more rank. Additionally, stamina will provide more speed ups for you to use. Leveling up Aquiris until he reaches adult should be your main goal if you haven’t achieved it yet.

3. Best troops and forces for attacking

The game provides a “scout” button that you can use to determine the best type of troop for an upcoming attack. Having said that, there is no troop that excels at everything. Every troop has strengths and weaknesses, which is one of the main charms of this game.

If you are the aggressor, you have the choice of creating a well-balanced troop composition with all troop types or a focused troop composition that focuses on a single troop type.

Generally speaking, creating a focused troop composition is actually the best selection. The reason for this is because the army defending the enemy is going to be a balanced army. If your army is balanced too, your two sides will just even out, with no one emerging with a clear path to victory. You as the attacker have the decision if the battle will be balanced (by bringing a balanced army composition) or advantageous to one side (by bringing a focused army).

Here are the steps you should do while attacking to guarantee success. First, scout your enemies to look at his defenders, and determine what units are the most numerous. After that, try to form an army that counters that most numerous unit type. Don’t forget to apply a battle boost too, since it will increase your chances of winning by providing you battle related buffs.

4. Research

The best research to prioritize early in the game is the military, economy, and monster hunt. These technologies will allow you to gain more resources which will help in upgrading and constructing new buildings, while still giving you military presence.


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