Tried and Tested Ways To Earn Bitcoins With Zero Investment

Bitcoin has shown no signs of slowing down. The king of cryptocurrencies is still the most popular digital coin for many crypto enthusiasts who are looking to profit on Bitcoin. While most investments require cash outlay or digital coin investments, there are many way to earn Bitcoin at zero costs. You may not profit quickly with this route but consistency is the key to collect more BTC for long term.

Micro Earnings

This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to earn BTC with no investment online. However, this may not be profitable even if you spend a lot of time on these sites. Bitcoin faucets, Paid-to-Click websites, and other microjobs that would require you do tasks in exchange for BTC rewards. For these sites or apps, there is a reward system in place that users are rewarded for completed tasks such as playing games, clicking or viewing ads, watching videos, and solving captchas. Popular examples of these sites are Bittube where you get earn Satoshis whenever you watch YouTube videos and Bitco Mania which pays you to view ads and participate in games. It pays an average of around 300 satoshis daily.

Bitcoin Trading

This refers to the buy-and-sell process of Bitcoin for short- and long-term gains. There are different types of BTC trading starten or as follows:

Day Trading – This refers to buying Bitcoins with an altcoin or other cryptocurrency and then sells it at the moment the prices go high on that same day. This is how you profit from daily price fluctuations.

CFD Trading – This is similar to day trading with the only difference that you don’t but Bitcoin but CFDs or contracts of the asset then sell it the same day when the prices go down to make short-term profit.

Swing Trading – Also called HODLing, this refers to buying Bitcoin and holding it for long-term in order to maximize profit on an annual basis.

Binary Option – This plays out pretty much like gambling so you get to preduct whether the market price would go high or low during a specific period. If your prediction is correct, you win and get the reward. If you got it wrong, then you will lose your initial investment.

Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

With people familiar with affiliate marketing, this mainly includes promotion of a company’s products and services with the only difference being you get paid in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Using Mobile Apps with Bitcoin Rewards

With a mobile-driven generation, users can now earn Bitcoins by downloading and using an app. This makes it really use for smartphone users to earn on their free time with helpful or entertaining apps. Some of the popular mobile apps that offer BTC rewards are the following: Bitcoin Faucets app, BitMaker, and Free Bitcoins. All you have to do is download the apps and then earn by colecting cranes and watching video ads.

Playing Games

A lot of gamers would really enjoy playing these mobile games while also earning BTC rewards. This is dubbed to be one of the newest and exciting ways to earn Bitcoin without any investment. Gamers are rewarded with cryptocurrencies for unlocking achievements in the game. Some of the popular games that offer BTC rewards are the following: SatoshiQuiz, SparkProfit, BitRunner, Cryptokitties, and Spells of Genesis.

Answer Questions Online

There are now websites similar to that of Ask and Quora that pays or rewards users simply by providing the best or correct answers to certain questions. You earn tokens or Bitcoins just for giving the correct answer to these questions. Some of the best sites to earn from is Bitfortip and Seemit.

Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are highly recommeded especially for newbie or inexperienced investors. You can invest Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into a mutual fund to generate profit. This is the safest and easiest way to get full and free ROI in no time.

There are many fun and interactive ways to earn Bitcoins for free or even with no investment online. You aren’t just limited now with microearning sites that require completion of redundant tasks but now have diverse ways to earn in an exciting and even educational way with answering questions online or playing mobile games.

Profitability in some apps or sites would really depend on how you build up your strategy especially with affiliate marketing and mutual funds. No matter which option you choose, you would surely have no dull moment with these diverse ways to earn absolutely free Bitcoins by checking out some recommended sites and apps.

While there are so many options out there to choose from, you should opt for the methods that would match your skills, preferences, and of course, your time availability. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to earning free BTC at no investment – just cherry-pick!


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